I’ve always loved Halloween, and decided to do a really nice fall decoration setup outside this year by the door. I started a bit early I know, but I enjoy it so much, I went to the store and bought a few bales of hay, some pumpkins and the makings for a scarecrow. I had it all set up and was taking some pictures of it, when the new neighbor came over to introduce himself and tell me how lovely he thought it all looked. It was getting dark and he seemed so friendly, so I invited him in for a drink, which he accepted and came in.

He noticed my Halloween costume I had laid out that I’d be wearing when the trick or treater’s came over and he flirtatiously asked if I’d try it on for him so he could see how it looked. I felt a bit silly doing so, but I said sure and went into the next room to change and came back, it was a sexy witch costume, a bit too low cut maybe for giving out candy to kids and suddenly I was a bit self conscious standing there in this costume, though it did look really hot if I do say so myself.


His eyes raked up and down my body and I knew he approved. He told me how sexy I looked and how lucky my boyfriend was. I said actually I didn’t have a boyfriend at the moment and at that declaration, he stood up and advanced towards me and kissed me unexpectedly. I must say, I didn’t fight him and leaned in to the kiss and passionately gave as good as I got. His hand didn’t take long to find its way to my breast, and my nipple was son hard as he toyed with it and we kissed. I allowed him to lead me to the living room and to the sofa, where he pressed me down and climbed on top of me and pushed open my knees with his own.

I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close to me and it wasn’t long before we’d peeled away one another’s clothes and were laying there naked. I can’t believe I’d just met this man mere moments before and here I was guiding his bare cock into my pussy and loving every minute of it. His cock was thick and long and filled my cunt up beautifully and completely. I was loving getting pounded thoroughly by him. I was bucking my hips up to meet his thrusts and feeling that big cock glide against my clit with every movement of my hips, as he kissed me with great fervor, it was very hot!

I was feeling my orgasm welling up inside of me, bucking and bucking and feeling him pound me, I was biting my lip and he was having his cock all coated with my wetness, God, he was a good fuck. All of a sudden, my orgasm was upon me and I exploded all over him and I soon felt his man juice explode inside of me, filling up my every crevice with his seed. We lay there panting for a few moments and I realized we hadn’t even formally introduced ourselves and I felt like such slut bucking a man like this I didn’t even know the name of! After we caught our breath and did introduce ourselves, I fixed us some dinner and I was very glad my new neighbor had come over to admire my Halloween decorations.

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