I love Father’s Day! 

I like doing whatever I can to make my Daddy’s day a little bit happier ALL the time, but especially on Father’s Day! I always get up REALLY early and make him a big southern country breakfast, complete with buttery homemade biscuits, gravy, and of course grits with maple syrup, bacon, and butter! =) Every year he tells me that MY breakfast is better than my Mom’s. I think it makes her jealous. I don’t know why, but that makes me laugh! I guess because I’m a bratty girl, and I know that I’ve had more of my Daddy’s attention in the last 21 years than she’s EVER had the whole time she’s known him! MY Daddy gives the term “Daddy’s Girl” new meaning.

Daddy knows I’m not perfect, but he loves me more than ANYONE else in the world anyway. =)  He knows his innocent ‘lil girl  is REALLY a dirty danger whore that loves walking the edge of trouble, and sometimes falling in! He knows that his sweet little Princess likes getting fucked by big black cocks, since the day he came home at lunchtime and caught me fucking my black stud fuck-buddy Davon in his and Mom’s bed!

I’ll tell you a secret. I think my Daddy LIKES for me to be a little slut. I think it makes his cock hard for me! AND, I’m thinking that on THIS Father’s Day, maybe I will give my Daddy something more than a delicious breakfast and a hug and yet ANOTHER Gas Monkey Garage T-shirt. (You guys KNOW you all just cheered! Ha ha!) Although the special present I’M thinking of IS delicious – and as sweet as the tasty honey he smears all over his ‘lil girl’s homemade biscuits!

Would you like to pretend you’re my Daddy today? If so, CALL ME. I have a special present for YOU, too! Just ask me what it is when you call, and I’ll give it to you if you want it! Or, if you just want to hear all about what I’m going to be giving my own Daddy later on tonight, I’ll talk, and you can listen! Whatever makes you the happiest today… Daddy.

Your sweet ‘lil Princess,

Yummy Zoey


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