I noticed him from across the room at the Halloween party I had been invited to. He stood there in his costume with a mask covering a majority of his face. He was talking to a group of guys and I was trying to remain inconspicuous as I undressed him with my eyes. About the time I approached the bar to order another drink, there he stood, facing me, with his elbow resting on the bar. We started chatting and immediately I felt a strong, sexual attraction for him.

As the party continued, the desire between us became more apparent. We knew we wanted each other and I was going to make sure it happened. I grabbed his hand and lead him to the pool house. After I closed the door behind us, we sat down on the couch to finish our drinks. He started running his fingers up my leg and I could feel myself getting very wet. He slid his fingers up my skirt and began rubbing my pussy outside of my panties. He leaned in to kiss me and slid his tongue in between my lips, opening my mouth. I felt his fingers making their way inside of my thong and spreading my wet slit open. His fingers were sliding up from my opening to my clit and making their way back down. I felt myself begin to move my hips as he started to ram his fingers inside of me. My head fell back with my entire body in absolute ecstasy.

I had to release his bulge that I was feeling inside his costume. We made the agreement that we would not remove our masks that night, leaving the mystery there. I went for his zipper to release his body from the costume; I could not wait to see what was underneath. As I was taking it off, he pulled his arms out, revealing a defined chest.

He stood up and removed all of his costume revealing his HARD, thick cock. As soon as the costume was off his body, he grabbed my head and pushed me to my knees. What went from this seductive moment had now become this moment of control. When I was on my knees, he took out the belt that was on his costume and tied my arms behind my back. He lifted me up and shoved a plug deep into my asshole. Once I was back sitting on my knees, he took his cock and started slapping my face with it. To my surprise, a female came up behind me, grabbed my hair, held my chin, and forced me to open my mouth as wide as possible. He began ramming his cock even further down my throat. He was fucking my face so hard that I could feel the tears running down my cheeks. He pulled his rod out of me and had me lick his cock from the base to the tip of the head. The female behind me started removing my costume and pinching my nipples as he fucked my face. Harder and harder he would slam his cock into my throat. His balls were bouncing against my chin. I could feel his meat stick throbbing each time he held it deep in my mouth. He started to pull his cock all the way out and shoved it all the way back in. Several times he did this until finally he grabbed my ponytail and held me, yet again, with a mouth full of cock.

He pulled out and laid down on the couch while this girl forced me back between his legs. She stretched my mouth and forced me back on his cock. While she was stretching my mouth, he continued pounding my face.  I felt his firm cock piercing my throat. He grabbed the back of my head and told her to let go of my cheeks as he blew his load all in my mouth. I could feel his cock releasing warm, creamy juices all inside me. He held my mouth once he pulled his cock out and made me swish it around and swallow it. Once he knew that his cum had been devoured, he was gone.