Hot Hair Fetish Leads To Silky Kinky Play!

I’ve had a hair fetish for as long as I can remember.  I didn’t understand this was a fetish at the time.  I remember any time my parents picked me up in their arms and put my arms around their neck.  My hands would inevitably find their way to the nape of their neck and find a playground full of soft hair.  It was as if that was all I could focus on and every time I ran my fingers through hair or tugged on hair I would get this jolt of energy through me.  I loved the feeling hair would bring me when I made contact.

This particular story occurred while in high school.  I went over to Becky’s house after school.  I was feeling stressed about an exam coming up.  Becky had offered to help me study.  We lay on the bed with one textbook in front of us.  Since we were sharing one book, we snuggled in closer together.  Becky had long strawberry-blonde hair.  As we studied, I could feel her hair tickling the side of my cheek.  I started getting tingly downstairs.  I tried to shake the feeling but couldn’t concentrate.

Becky closed the book and offered to give me a massage.

She used some nice lotion.  As she massaged my back her hair brushed along my body.  Becky’s hair seemed to whisper along my tense muscles.  This was driving me crazy.  When Becky turned me over she could tell how aroused I was.  She joked with me that I probably needed to get my pussy pounded.  She kissed and licked my belly teasing me till I took her hair and guided her down where I wanted her.  Becky licked and sucked my tortured clit till I cried out.

Becky had me get her strap on from her nightstand drawer.  It was long and pink about eight inches with a big head.  She put the toy on.  Becky knelt between my legs and guided the head of her strap inside of me.  Becky’s long hair tickled my tummy.  I pulled Becky down on top of me and started kissing her passionately.  I wrapped my legs around Becky’s tiny waist as she pounded my pussy.  My hands grabbed handfuls of her hair.  Each time I climaxed my hands would tug on her long hair.

What an exciting afternoon it was, almost as good as the lesbian foot fetish experience!.  I’ve had this same fascination with hair with many partners and found myself attracted to partners with thick or long hair.  I would love to hear about your sexy fetishes.  I’ll be waiting.

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