Gwen’s G-Spot is a super fun, light and sexy podcast I’m going to be releasing weekly on Soundcloud.

Gwen’s G-Spot will feature all sorts of hot things. My favorite Phone Sex calls of the week, what really hits my G-Spot, freaky things I’m up to in my personal life. The possibilities are endless, which makes it so much fun to do!

For the very first episode I am releasing tonight, I talk about my favorite call of the week. I enjoyed this call so much in fact that I’ve written one blog post about it last week. You guessed it: My hot night of partying with Richie, wearing my spiked heels, picking up some hot black guys and taking them back to my place for some tasty blow and even tastier BBC.

That call was fun for me because I got to really indulge in my imagination and really immerse myself in the fantasy we were creating while we spoke. Those calls are always some of my favorites to do because I love getting lost in a good roleplay.

Another fun thing I get to do with this podcast is offered special promotions for things like FREE minutes on your paid Phone Sex calls, special exclusive offers and more. How much great is that, right? Not only do you get to hear my sexy voice for free, every single week. You also get little kick backs that only the listeners will receive.

I’m very excited about letting my clients get to know me a little better in this way. Get a feel for my personality, what types of calls I love the most, and more of all what really hits my G-Spot. I’m really looking forward to all the different topics I can touch on.

In fact, I’m wet in the panties just thinking about all those cocks I’m about to make hard.

So, check it out guys and let me know what you think! I wanna hear from you. So shoot me an email or hit me up on AIM and tell me what you think. Better yet, set a call up with me and give me some material for my next episode!

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