Sabrina047 My lover Michael and my very close friend, Sheri, had been flirting with each other for weeks after finally meeting.  Every time we got together for drinks or dinner, they seemed to be more and more into each other.  I can’t say that I can blame either of them.  Michael is one of the most handsome men I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking.  Just looking into his big brown eyes gets my pussy dripping.   Sheri is just drop dead gorgeous.  Yes, it’s all plastic, but it works for her and she just looks like she was born to fuck. Michael and I were cuddling on the couch one night, watching a movie and drinking Margaritas.  He was just starting to run his hand up and down my thigh under the blanket when I got a text on my phone.  It was Sheri. “I’m a block away.  Can I stop by?  I have weed.” I texted back. “Sure come over.” As soon as I told Michael that Sheri was on her way, he smiled his wicked smile and got up to get a drink ready for her. Sheri arrived and was wearing a very snug, short summer dress, no bra and her very voluptuous tits were practically spilling out.  We sat around, smoked a little bit of weed and drank our Margaritas.  Sheri started to really flirt with Michael, going so far as to lean so close to him that her tit was resting on his forearm.  He looked over at me and smiled nervously.  “Ummmmmmm” was all he could say.  Sheri laughed and placed her hand on his thigh, very high up, practically in his crotch.  I noticed his body reacting; he sort of shuddered but composed himself immediately and laughing, took her hand off of him and placed it on her lap. “Oh! Come on!” she giggled.  “Sabrina doesn’t mind sharing.  Do you, chick?” I really did not mind a bit but I like messing with Michael so I looked at him and asked, “Should I mind?  Michael?” He lifted his arms up in a surrender-like pose and quickly said, “I’m going to stay out of trouble, baby, I promise.” I got up and sat on the couch next to Michael and kissed his cheek.  He turned his face toward me and I slipped my tongue into his mouth, putting my arm around his shoulder.  He kissed me back, placing his hand on the back of my head and pulled me very close to him.  We kissed very passionately for a minute before we heard Sheri say in her whiniest voice, “HELLOOOOOO!  I’m kind of alone here!” I patted Michael’s lap a couple of times, indicating that she should have a seat there.  She wasted no time jumping up from her seat and putting her firm and beautiful ass on Michael’s lap.  I grabbed the front of Sheri’s dress and tugged it towards me and we kissed.  Our faces were inches away from Michael’s and he moaned while he watched us.  I flicked my tongue all over Sheri’s lips and pulled her bottom lip with mine.  Michael started to squirm and I touched his cock, feeling how rock hard he was.  I pushed Sheri’s head towards his and they kissed, their tongues moving wildly in one another’s mouth.  I took Michael’s hand and placed it on Sheri’s tit and he immediately gave it a squeeze.  I pushed the front of her dress aside and her tit just popped right out.  I gave her nipple a kiss as his hand rubbed her firm breast. After a couple of minutes, we made our way into my bedroom, shedding our clothes as we went.  Sheri plopped down on the bed, flat on her back and let her head hang slightly off the bed.  I climbed on top of her, my ass in her face and buried my face right into her smooth and sweet little pussy.  I licked her with long strokes of my tongue and enjoyed feeling all of her lovely little folds. Michael walked over behind Sheri, lifted her head and pushed it gently right into my own pussy.  I moaned as I felt her hot tongue on my pussy lips and rocked back and forth as she moved her tongue up to my taint and then to my asshole. Michael pushed her head back and forth in a slow rhythm leaning forward to get a very close look at her mouth on me.  He joined her and slid his own tongue up and down my ass crack, pushing it into my asshole while she slid hers into my tight little pussy hole.  They were tongue fucking me together and it was so amazing, I thought I would explode with pleasure right at that moment. Michael, cradling her head in his hands, let it drop down a bit so that it was hanging part way off the bed.  He then squatted and stuck his cock right into her pretty mouth, slowly thrusting his hips and pushing his thick cock deeper and deeper into her throat.  Sheri is an expert cock sucker and had no trouble taking it all in and he picked up his pace.  He was pumping his cock quickly into her mouth and I heard her mouth full of cock, moaning and humming on it.  She was squirming under my tongue, I was really working her clit good. Michael pulled his cock out of her mouth and moved towards my waiting pussy and slid it right inside me.  I backed into it and he drove it in harder.  His balls were hovering right over Sheri’s face and she started to lick his tight balls while his dick was pounding my pussy.  Michael was fucking me so hard and so fast, I was so ready to cum all over his cock.  I rubbed Sheri’s clit with my fingers as I moved my tongue up and down her pussy.  She was wet and I knew she was ready to cum right in my mouth and that made me ready too. Michael must have felt me tensing up and knew I was close to cumming and he pressed his hand on my lower back and pushed his cock as deep as he could, kept it there and shuddered as we all orgasmed together like we never had before. I was so glad that I shared Michael that night.  That’s just what friends do and he definitely delivered the one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had!

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