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I always secretly knew you were a cuckold. Even before you confessed to me one night, when you were a little drunk, that you would enjoy seeing my pussy stuffed full of big black cock! Our sex life has become so routine lately! I think it’s time to spice things up, don’t you? You’ve been working some long hours. And ignoring your bratty princess of a girlfriend. Tsk tsk. That won’t do, lover! That just won’t do at all…

Today is a day much like any other. You work overtime. And of course you don’t call to say you’re going to be late, predictably. On the drive home, you’re musing about what I’m doing at this very moment. Perhaps cooking, so that your dinner is on the table and warm, right as you walk in the door? Maybe putting on some sexy lingerie. Lighting some candles, and setting the mood for a nice relaxing evening of pampering for your hard working man?

Silly cuckold!

You’re about to get schooled on what I do when you’re not around!

You pull into the drive, and notice a strange car. Think to yourself that I probably have one of my friends over, and your hopes of a nice hot dinner waiting for you go right out the door. You let yourself in, look around, and notice a very large, very masculine pair of shoes by the door. Definitely NOT one of my girlfriends! Curious, you walk into the kitchen, expecting to find me sitting at our kitchen table with a guest of some sort. Wrong again!

You hear what sounds like people talking coming from upstairs. You tiptoe up the steps and down the hall, wondering exactly what you’re going to find. Realization starts to dawn on you as you make your way to the source of the noise. You’re standing right in front of our bedroom door. And what is going on does NOT sound like talking. It sounds like moaning. Your hot girlfriend moaning, the way she only does when she’s getting fucked good and hard! (You’ve heard it once. Maybe!)

You push the door open and stand in the doorway, speechless with shock.

I’m bent over our bed – my hot little cunt getting impaled by a big black cock! You can’t help but notice right away the size of that BBC that’s pounding away at your girlfriend as she begs for it harder! You don’t understand why exactly, but you can feel your breathing speed up, and your cock growing in your pants!

The floor creaks beneath your feet, and I look up and see you in the doorway. If you were expecting me to freak out? Did YOU ever get a surprise! I smile at you sweetly and introduce you to my friend, the big black stud with the monster ebony cock! “Fuck stud? This is my wimpy cuckold boyfriend that I’ve been telling you about. Pssst! You know – the one with the tiny cock that doesn’t really satisfy me? He’s been neglecting my pussy lately, which is why you’re now buried balls deep inside it with that huge black dick!

I turn back to you and smile, never stopping that grind of my pussy back against another man’s hard cock. “I see that pathetic bulge in your pants. Come here, honey. Closer. I want you to know what it looks like when a REAL man fucks your girlfriend’s sweet pussy!

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