Gangbang summer heat

Gangbang was on my mind.  I’m not proud of what I did, but, damnit, I needed cock.  I live in the middle of the city, and at about 2 am, something overtook me.  I got the itch.  I’m sure you know the one; an itch only cock can fix.  The problem was no one was around.  My toys wouldn’t cut it either.  I needed something organic and throbbing.  My pussy was so hot that, if I had a dog, I would have given him the night of his life.  Unfortunately, I was left with only one option; to go find some dick.

I didn’t work too hard to get myself presentable.  As a result, I picked my skimpiest dress and some sandals would do what with it being summer.  I wasn’t after prince charming.  Honestly, anything warm would have worked.  I left home and began my prowl for some action.

I was definitely asking for it

The way I walked up the street in such a risque outfit was begging for trouble.  That was the point.  I wanted someone to drive by with one intention.  I didn’t care if he offered me cash or just dragged me to his place to get gang-raped by his crew.  Fuck, I just needed cock.  What I ended up finding both was and wasn’t what I was looking for.  As I looked down an alley, I spotted someone in raggedy clothes wander over to a wall.  He was clearly a homeless guy, and it looked like he’d been homeless for some time.  But, soon that didn’t matter when I spotted what he pulled out of his filthy pants.  His big, black cock put other black cocks to shame.  It was so thick that even his massive hands barely wrapped around it, and he wasn’t even hard.

My lips shook, my mouth watered, and at that moment I knew I was willing to stoop that low.  For that reason. how dirty I was about to get had me even hotter than before.  His cock was the only thing I wanted at that moment.

I walked over to where he was and…

Squatted right in front of him, positioning my mouth right where he was about to go.  I could smell his black, wreaking cock and ball sack, and I licked my lips as I looked up at him.  He didn’t even hesitate.  I got a warm shower down my chin, tits, and throat.  It was so strong that it ruined my dress completely.  All the cum that did make it into my mouth was eagerly swallowed to let him know I meant business.  His filthy cock stared me down.  Not only did it smell but it needed cleaning.

“Well, baby?  You gonna feed me that cheesy sausage?”

He smiled.  “What about dem?”

I looked over, not even realizing that he wasn’t alone.  His homeless buddies had watched the whole thing and had their cocks whipped out already.  I salivated.  I guess dreams do come true.

Is this type of gangbang filthiness right up your alley?  I love being a dirty girl.  Call my phone sex line to treat me like one.