Glory Hole Fun With Zoey and Davon

Is there a bar in the entire universe that doesn’t have a glory hole in one of the bathroom stalls? I have so much fun taking my little sissy sluts back to the public bathrooms at work, after hours! Forced femme is one of my favorite things. I love getting these uptight white guys with secret panty fetishes all dressed up and feminized. Davon, my BBC lover, is of COURSE involved in this fun! After all, we need a big black cock for my bitch boys to suck and service don’t we? =)

Last night one of my favorite playthings came to the bar. I knew he was coming, and HE knew what he was showing up for. He was given a list of things to bring with him beforehand. Underneath that drab little polo shirt and those khaki Dockers were lacy pink panties, a pink lace bra, white stockings, and a garter belt. There were high heels and red lipstick waiting for him in my work locker.

Once everyone was gone, I made my little sissy trick take off his clothes in the middle of the bar, revealing his girlie pink lingerie, white stockings and garter. I pulled out a pair of clear platforms for him to struggle into. I giggled at him as I watched, telling him how pathetic he was, and how silly he looked.

He likes a little humiliation to go along with his forced femme! Then I pinched his cheek and told him what a pretty girl he was as I applied his red lipstick heavily.

We made our way into the bathroom, and when we hit the door I made my little glory hole slut drop to his knees and crawl to the stall. I could hear Davon on the other side of the stall already, working that hard cock to some video he shot last week on his phone; his big black cock fucking his tiny tit White Princess of course! I wanted that HUGE cock nice and hard for my little bitch boy to suck! The look on his face when that big black cock shoved itself through the glory hole was priceless! He backed up, but my hand was on the back of his head, and I hissed in my most stern voice, “Suck it, you pansy fuck puppet! This is what you came out for tonight!”

I pushed his head down, and I could hear Davon moaning as that warm wet mouth wrapped around his thick, ebony dick. Then I pushed down harder on the back of my fuck toy’s head. I could hear him gagging and feel him trying to pull away. Held him down on it and told him to think about how PRETTY that red lipstick stain looked on that massive black cock!

I pinched his cheek again as his mouth was being drilled full of hard cock. Told him what a good little sissy slut he was. He liked that! His mouth started pumping up and down faster and more eagerly on that thick black rod, and when I looked down I could see that little tiny cock sneaking out the side of those frilly pink panties, and his thumb and index finger jerking it compulsively! I didn’t have the heart to stop him – I just laughed instead!

I told him he was gonna LOVE having his mouth filled full of that thick, creamy BBC cum!

He tried to pull back, but my hand was firmly holding him to that massive cock! He was choking and gagging, which Davon LOVES! I could hear him panting behind the wall of the bathroom stall. Also I could see my little bitch boy cum slut’s throat getting filled over and over. I knew it was coming soon! Tears were streaming down that silly painted face as he strained to get away before that hot cum shot out into his mouth. Laughed and told him not to worry… it just tastes like salty snot! Then he started to moan in protest, and I laughed at the humiliated look that came over his face as Davon went over the edge and started shooting spurts of thick, sticky BBC cum into his mouth!

He pulled his cock out afterward and I clamped my little sissy whore’s mouth shut. I threatened to castrate him if he spit it out! He held it all in his mouth like a good little cum eating fag boy though, then took my cum eating instruction when I told him to swallow every last thick delicious drop.

His face was red from straining on that big fat black cock, he was panting and out of breath. Tears were still rolling down his cheeks from all that gagging.

What did my little glory hole lover do then?

He thanked me. 

If you like BBC, forced feminization, and CEI, call me, and YOU will thank me too!

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