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The first BBC I enjoyed was close to ten inches long and thick.  I was slightly scared when I first saw it come out of his pants.  He was just starting to get hard and his balls were hanging and huge.

I wonder how many Pussys that BBC has fucked and how many mouths have been wrapped around it.

He was smiling at me as I drop to my knees and took his cock into my hand.  I could feel my pussy starting to get excited when I squeezed and stroked his BBC.

I couldn’t resist kissing the head of his cock, little kisses all over the head.  Then taking the tip of my tongue and playing in his pee hole, tasting him.  It feels so good making his cock go all the way to the back of my throat.  And feeling it get harder and playing with his balls at the same time.

He leans down, kisses me and lays me on the bed.  I feel his hands run down my back, pulling my yoga pants off and placing himself in between my legs.   The head of his cock feels so nice, rubbing back and forth, up and down my clit.  I want him to push it in my pussy.  He looks down at me and there’s that smile again.  He’s teasing me with the head of his BBC.  And finally, he starts to push his cock into my pussy, very nice and slow, making his cock disappear inch by inch.  Then the rhythm starts to get faster, going deeper, fucking me nice and hard.

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