Giving oral Chase loves to suck cock!

Giving oral is what I do.
It’s who I am who are you.
I love to fuck.
I love to suck.
Giving oral all day long.
Time for you to play along.
In your house or in your car.
Just remember I’m never far.
I love it when you stick it in.
Doesn’t matter if your kin.
Don’t care if you’re getting old.
I will keep your cock from getting cold.
With my mouth wrapped around.
Listen close you’ll hear that sound.
As I swoosh and slosh away.
Don’t forget that first, you pay.
Giving oral is so fun.
I could never have been a nun.
The way it feels when it goes in.
My this feels like a sin.
Take my confession here you go.
I will admit I’m a bit of a hoe.
This isn’t Sam I am.
And I don’t love green eggs and ham.
I do love cock and the way it feels.
I do love doing it in my heels.
The way I bob up and down.
When we are done, you’ll wear no frown.
I will make you the king of my castle.
Unlike your wife, to me, it’s not a hassle.
Giving oral is what I love.
It’s like magic from above.
With the way, I choke it down.
You’ll be smiling wearing a crown.
King of my castle you will be.
Great at what I do you’ll see.
In my mouth, it will rest in there.
I will make sure to pull back my hair.
As much as I love bragging here.
Even more, I love watching in the mirror.
I love it when you start to moan.
Then before long, you start to groan.
Your toes start to curl.
As my mouth, it starts to twirl.
Then all of a sudden in my mouth.
Came your magic from the south.
There you have it so you see.
Sucking cock is never free.

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