This new guy I’ve been seeing, how can I say it, he has larger than average balls. Larger than average loads, too. I’ve always loved cum, so when I saw the size package he’s got my first thought was wondering what size load he shoots out of those things. I soon found out. The first time we fooled around I gave him a hand job I was a bit shocked at the number of squirts that erupted from his cock, my hand was covered in it, and I lifted my fingers to my mouth and licked off every last drop of it.



I think he was shocked to see me lick it off my fingers like so much melted vanilla ice cream, but I loved every drop of it and soon lowered my mouth down onto that dick to clean it off with my tongue. It was warm and salty and I enjoyed every lick of it off that throbbing cock. The next time we were together, we started out with a tit fuck and he placed that glorious member between my tits and I squeezed them around that cock and he pumped and he pumped and I licked the head of it with every thrust. It didn’t take him long to splatter my tits with all that gooey cum all over me, spraying me good. I spread it all over my tits until they were slick with his cum.

We lay there catching our breath and it wasn’t long before we wanted to go another round. I wanted his cock in my pussy, I was wet and waiting for it to open me up. He slid it into me as I lowered myself down onto that thick cock. I was grinding my clit against the base of his hard shaft, it was stiff and covered with my pussy juices. He was pinching my nipples, which were still all sticky from his cum all over me. I was one cum covered whore and loving every minute of it. I bucked my hips back and forth as I rode him and I came all over his cock. Seconds later I felt him go off inside of me and it was dripping back down his cock.

He loved his own cum as much as I did, and after he came inside of me, he told me to get on his face and ride his tongue and he licked out every drop of that hot cum out of my overflowing cunt. His face was smeared from ear to ear, and my thighs clamped on either side of his head. He loved every salty drop that was plopping onto his tongue. His tongue flickered at my once again stiffened clit, and I was quivering atop of him feeling my orgasm well up inside me and it didn’t take long before I was once again cumming, and hard, all over his mouth, my cum pushing out his previous load all over his and into his mouth that his tongue hadn’t yet gotten. After I finished cumming, I crawled down off of him and gave him a big, juicy kiss. I could taste his cum and mine on his lips and I relished every drop of it, it was pretty hot indeed.

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