I had just moved from the city into a suburban/rural area. It is kind of an isolated area and it took a while before I met some new guys. Since I do phone sex for a living most of my orgasms were with my clients.I love masturbating with these guys !But I was getting to the point that I needed a real cock in my pussy. I really was hungry to suck and fuck some warm meat.After a few months of being alone I decided to try that whole Tinder dating app thing. I had never done online dating, but I figured if everyone else was trying it, I might as well, too. It wasn’t as if I was looking for my future husband, but just really wanted to have some fun.


After being on the app for a couple of weeks and chatting with a few guys on the app, I decided to finally meet one in person. Not knowing what to expect, we decided to meet at a local coffee shop for lunch and see what happens. To my surprise, he was exactly like his picture, super nice and we hit it off right away. After what seemed like hours of just talking and getting to know each other, we made plans for dinner the next night.
Since I was just looking for fun, I figured that if the night went well I’d most likely sleep with him. The next night was fabulous and the best night I’d had in a really long time. After an amazing dinner with more talking and a movie, we were by his car when he kissed me. Things got hot and heavy and we started grabbing each other and I whispered in his ear lets go back to his place since it was closer than mine.
He didn’t hesitate and I followed him back in my own car. As soon as we got in the door, we started making out again and made our way to his bedroom where we started to undress. But as I was taking off my jeans and boots, he told me to stop and wanted to take off my boots himself. I thought it was weird but thought nothing of it.
He fondled my foot in his hand and began to take off my boots slowly and passionately, kissing my foot as he took off the boots and my socks. That’s when he revealed that he had a foot fetish and if I’d indulge in his fantasies. He said it was the only way he could really get off and if we didn’t have any foot foreplay, his dick wouldn’t get it up.
I’ve never done anything like that before, so I didn’t mind trying it out. He told me to get totally naked and he’d do the same and that he wanted me to jack him off with my feet. It seemed like a hard task to do, but he walked me through the steps and the next thing I know is I’m rubbing his super hard cock with both my feet as he sat on the bed and I was lying down.
I saw him getting into it and immediately started to finger myself as much as I could. After a few minutes of feet masturbating, he wanted me to stick my toe in his ass as much as I could. I sort of hesitated, but he told me after that, his dick would be ready to go and we’d be able to start fucking.
I obliged and stood up on the bed while he turned around to lie on his stomach and braced the edge of the bed with his hands. I found it hard to balance myself, but once I was able to find my center, I started to place my big toe in his asshole and tried to go as deep as I could without falling over. When I finally found my rhythm, I started to get into and was talking dirty to him and he replied with moans of wanting me to go deeper. After what seemed like forever, he said he was almost ready to come and immediately told me to stop so that he could enter me. Finally, I was going to get off after having to do quite a bit of work. I told him I wanted to be on top and had him turn around to straddle him, but quickly changed my mind and sat on his face to let him eat me out. He did so and rubbed my ass with his fingers as his tongue slid in and out of my pussy. His fingers then slowly made their way into my asshole as his tongue continued to work its magic. I came so hard I must have dripped on his face.
I then moved my body lower to straddle his rock hard cock and began to fuck him as hard as I could, gyrating my body over his. After I was done, I thanked him for the orgasm and told him I’d be in touch. He’s now a regular booty call, and he still wants his foot fetish foreplay whenever we bone.
What the Fuck? I’ll do anything for a good cummie!

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