My friends and I are heading to the beach for some sun and fun. Of course, we have a fantastic house rented for the week. And, we are ready for some girls’ trip gets wild time.

Although, we aren’t expecting it to be the way it is going to go. We are planning for lots of guys and sex with those guys. We are just arriving and we are feeling the long drive and decide to crash early.

In the morning, we are ready to hit the beach. Our house is a block from the beach so we walk down. There are a lot of people already there. In fact, the place is buzzing with activity.

This day isn’t the girls’ trip gets wild time, just a lot of fun at the beach.

We all start our trip with some amazing tan time and healthy flirting with some of the guys we meet. After some great sun and fun, we head back to our rental for a nap.

After our nap, we fix an amazing dinner and start drinking. It is a margarita kind of night. Of course, Courtney is fixing them super strong. And, we are slamming them down like water and heading towards the start of our girls’ trip gets wild fun.

We have a fenced-in yard with beautiful lighting so we are out there drinking and dancing. Since there are no guys with us, when a slow song comes on, we are silly and dancing with each other.

Jackie suggests we play a drinking game.

It involves a bit of truth or dare and stripping. Of course, we are all buzzing and totally love the idea. We will spin the tequila bottle and whoever it lands on has to decide truth or dare, or a piece of clothing comes off.

Time for this girls’ trip gets wild to take off. As we start, it lands on Courtney. She chooses truth and Jill asks her if she had sex with her boyfriend Chad last year. Courtney looks at her and says, “Hell no!”

We all laugh because we know she wouldn’t do that. Jill is just super jealous. Besides, it is common knowledge that Chad has the tiniest cock ever. Haha, no one wants to fuck him except Jill.

As we continue the game, we all start choosing items of clothing coming off and the girls’ trip gets wild is on.

As we get more buzzed and down to our panties, we are feeling extremely loving and hugging each other. A slow song comes on and we go outside to dance together under the stars. OMG!!! This reminds me of my lesbian first time encounter. That was a blast but I know this will be better.

We are slow dancing with our tits rubbing against each other. It is extremely arousing and my pussy is getting wet. I am dancing with Courtney. All of a sudden we are looking into each other’s eyes and kiss.

I am talking about a passionate french kiss. The girls’ trip gets wild fun is getting hot now. Soon, we are all inside on a bed. We have taken off our panties and are making out.

Not only are we kissing but exploring each other’s bodies.

Soon, we are doing 69’s and finger fucking each other. Kissing with another girl’s juice on our lips. It is getting hot. One of the girls brings out her toys and we start fucking each other with dildos.

This is just the beginning of our fun too! Curious to hear more, call me for some hot phone sex!

Girls' Trip Gets Wild