Girls night out are fun and cum filled

Girls night out with my friends are not the normal girls getting drunk and parting all night.  We take shots but the ones we really want are cum filled.  We like to play a game where we venture off and see how many men we can get to cum for us.  Sometimes we make it a competition where every girl is for herself.  Sometimes we pair off in teams where two girls work together.  Those are the most fun.  Then sometimes we see if we can beat our old records as a whole group.


We go to bars or strip clubs and get guys to cum with a condom on any way we can.  We tie off the condom as proof of the deed and tell stories about how it happened.  There are two winners.  One for the most condoms and one for the most interesting or hottest story.  There are a few rules with this game.  One is the guy can never know it’s a game.  We have found some will be all too willing to help us out and for us the fun comes in the flirting and the sexual acts themselves and if they know they seem to jump to the end and while the game moves quickly it’s just not as fun.  The chase is where it’s at.  When we get the man alone we can do whatever is necessary to get that condom filled.  We give bonus points for creativity.  Our personal bonus points are how many times we have orgasm in a single night.  I would love to tell you all about my experiences playing this game and how many times I have won.  Call me so I can do anything necessary to get you to cum for me too.

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