Girls Having Sex – Feeding On A Mommy – Part 4

Girls Having Sex – My horny obsession with this busty, curvy mom was growing daily. This day she didn’t bring her sleeping little one so it was just she and I without distractions.  She walked in and immediately kissed me.  Slipping her tongue in my mouth like we hadn’t seen each other forever.  It had only been 2 days. While we were lip locked, I unzipped the back of her sundress.  It fell to the floor revealing those huge, engorged breasts.

My mouth watered in anticipation of feeding on her.

I led her over to my table and told her to lay on her back and close her eyes. I pulled out a satin black blindfold and placed it over her eyes on that beautiful face.  Telling her that I have a special surprise for her. She sucked in her breath and nodded her head. I looked down at her as she was completely open, naked, and vulnerable to me. Settling down, I began to drain those creamy tits that I had been thinking and dreaming about non-stop. She moaned, arching her back, and moving her head back and forth. As I drained the 2nd breast from this lovely mommy, I pulled out my treat for her.  A vibrating dildo and as I drank from her, I turned it on.  Sliding it over her open, wet, slit.

She cried out and spread her legs open even wider until they were hanging off the table.

I kept moving the toy back and forth on the outside.  Every once in awhile hitting that rosebud clit of her’s. I finished draining her mommy milk and told her to lay perfectly still and don’t move. She was breathing heavy with beads of sweat forming on that voluptuous body. Crawling up between her legs, I inserted the vibrating dildo into my strap-on.  Fastening the belt around my hips. I lifted her long legs up over my shoulders.

Turning the vibrator on to a higher speed, I slowly entered that slick, horny cunt.

She thrust her hips up to me, grabbing both sides of the table with both hands. I turned the vibrator on high and pushed it all the way into her.  Beginning to pump her slowly, just savoring the moment. She was tossing her head back and forth, moaning, crying a little bit.  She reached up and pinched those beautiful dark pink nursing nipples.  They began squirting milk,  even though I had already drained them well. She came over and over and finally begged me to stop.  Saying she couldn’t handle it anymore. I pulled out, removed the blindfold, and kissed her salty tears on her face. I whispered in her ear, “See you next week, Lover.”


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