Girls Having Sex – Feeding On A Mommy Part Two

Girls Having Sex:  Day two of my “happy ending” massage at my spa of my new favorite client.  What happened with me draining her breast milk from her large, engorged breasts.  It had been all that I’ve been thinking about since our session yesterday.  Her taste, her smell, her arousal.  Instead of the normal routine, she immediately got undressed.  Propping her head up with pillows, she laid on her back  She summoned me to come to her.  Her large breasts were beautiful and already dripping with her baby juice.

I settled down at her side and started suckling while looking up at her and the relaxed look on her gorgeous mommy face as I began to feed.

Her little moans were music to my ears and urged me to continue.  So I moved to the other side and latched on to her other full breast.  She was squeezing her long legs together.  I knew from our meeting yesterday that she was working on a mind-blowing orgasm. As I nursed from her, I reached down and gently spread her legs with my hand,  I could feel her slick wet slit and began rubbing.

Her back arched and I slipped a finger instead of her slippery pussy while my thumb tweaked her hard little clit.

I felt her climax all over my fingers as she cried out.  Feeling bold, I detached my hot mouth from her breast.  Moving down, I lowered my head between her legs and that sweet spot.  Sticking my tongue out, I started licking and sucking.  She wrapped her hands around my head, pushing my face deeper into her.  Her hips started to buck my face as she grunted and came again.  Squirting all over my mouth and chin.  I lapped up every drop and went up to kiss her deeply.  Sharing her yummy juices, darting my tongue into her mouth as she tried to get her breath back.  She whispered in my ear in a husky voice, “Same time on Monday, please?”  I CAN’T WAIT!


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