Many big strong men want a tiny little girl daddy to peg them into oblivion.

Many of these men are too scared to surrender to a tiny little girl daddy, but it is the ultimate surrender. Calling an innocent-looking, ninety-pound, blonde, younger girl daddy. Something so weak about it.  Weakness, in a good sense. Freedom in slavery. The first time I was called daddy was actually on the phone. I was doing a fantasy that involved heavy domination, pegging, and a lot of conceptual domination. He told me that he wanted me to be the daddy for the scenario.

Not like blood relative daddy, but the dominant connotations that daddy has. The power exchange. I would take the power and control and in turn, I would give acceptance and protection.  I would facilitate a safe space for my slave to be weak. For my slave to break composure and be a groveling, sobbing animal. There was no behavior that was unbecoming, and my limits would be voiced through punishment and not abandonment or judgment. This builds trust. The first time I had a partner acknowledge me as their girl daddy, was rather recent.

She was all shy and timid when she asked me.

Her face turning red as she spoke,  “I was wondering, and I think I would like to, and you can totally say no if you are not into it, but would it be ok if maybe sometimes I called you daddy?” I was stunned by the question, but curious and excited. I had been called mommy before. Is it possible? An actual girl daddy dom? How would this work? Playing heavily off of the sex slave connotations of the word in trafficking scenarios. The daddy dom to her baby girl. She wanted to be my little trafficking victim.

My prize girl that I keep locked up and protected just for myself. I have pimped out men to other men in more literal senses. I am a tiny little girl daddy, with a big and prominent daddy personality. Often, I like to remind her how helpless she is. How she is beneath me and how no one would help her if she tried to escape. Everyone would believe me over her, and then I would really punish her. In these instances, my slave can either impress her daddy or disappoint her daddy. One results in rewards, because daddy likes to spoil, and the other results in punishment.

I like to let her know that I can snatch her up and beat her ass for any reason.

I recently gave her a nice little reward. She shaved and dressed up for daddy, and then put on her pretty little red cherry collar, daddy’s favorite. She was playing coy, laying all over the bed and looking up at me with subby little green eyes. Shrinking down further and further. I asked her if she thought she behaved well that day and if she thought she deserved a reward. Then, I let her build a case for herself. She is quite cute when she begs. Then, I grabbed the vibrator and slid it between her legs. I began to toy with her.

I let her know that whether or not she came was within my power and not hers and that I could make her feel anything I wanted, whenever it suited me. Then I toyed with the idea of taking it away. I slid the vibrator between my legs instead and began to make myself cum while she pouted. I wedged it between the both of us and she wriggled around. Then,  I told her that every time I had to remove it because she can’t control her orgasms, I would consider letting her cum less and less.

She waited until I finished.

I moved the vibrator over myself. Each time I did this, it almost sent her over the edge because the vibrator was wedged between us. Then, I would have to remove it because of her lack of control. Finally, we got to the point where I was able to cum before her. After that, I turned the vibrator on her and I pressed it down mercilessly until she came.

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