My GFE Story Started So Innocently

I love my boyfriend Todd more than anything, he’s such a sweetheart. So romantic and giving. I’d never met any of his family members, since they all lived out of state. I’d seen some pics of them though. He’s got a brother, a twin actually, but I’d never met him before. He’d told me about him, how they always shared everything. He lived across the country, and they didn’t see one another as much as they’d like to. They sure were identical, you couldn’t tell them apart. My GFE story about him is a bit different than any I’ve had before.

Just A Surprise Visit

He was out of town on a business trip for a couple of weeks and the doorbell rang one night. I went to see who it was, and I thought it was my boyfriend. I thought he must have misplaced his key and come home early, so I let him in and asked him. He said yes, he’d likely left it in his pocket of a pair of pants that was packed.

It Was So Great To See Him

So I let him in, and we chatted away. I did not find anything was amiss whatsoever. I made us dinner and he and I talked and then I said how much I’d missed him. At that comment, he came towards me and gave me an enormous hug and a kiss. He seemed extra passionate this evening for some reason. I mentioned it and he said he’d just missed me since he’d been out of town. A totally plausible excuse. His hands slipped under my sweater, playing with my breasts as he kissed me. He led me to the bedroom, and he soon stripped me down and naked on the bed.

It Felt So Good

We lay side by side, kissing and caressing one another. His fingers explored my pussy, playing with my clit, and sliding inside. I was so wet. I gripped his hard shaft in my hand and pumped it until there was pre-cum dripping out of the head. And I smoothed it over his cock, making it all slippery. I rubbed his balls, and he groaned with delight. He got on his back and I straddled him. This was my GFE story.

He Was A Little Different But I Wasn’t Sure Why

I slipped his hard cock into my waiting cunt and rocked back and forth on him. His hands played with my breasts and toyed with my erect nipples. It felt fantastic fucking him this way. He told me to get on all fours and that he was going to fuck me from behind. I found that a bit odd since we almost never fucked this way because of my boyfriend’s back pain. That position always caused him some discomfort, so we rarely did it. He seemed to have no pain this evening, though.

He Had Moves That He Didn’t Show Me Before

I even laughed and asked him if his back was better than usual tonight. And did he want a sexy massage first? He laughed and said yes, it hadn’t been bothering him as much. I liked it since we rarely did it. He grabbed me by the hips and really fucked me hard. He was being more aggressive than he normally was. It was nice, it was just different. He reached underneath and fingered my clit until I came, and then he blew his load into me. I laid back on the bed, catching my breath. He unexpectedly then went down on me, licking his cum out of me. I loved his mouth on me, but he’d never done this before after he came. He always went down on me before we fucked. It felt great, so I wasn’t complaining.

He Was A Very Dirty Boy Tonight

His tongue worked its magic on my clit and sucking on my inner lips. Then he slithered it into me, scooping out the globs of cum he’d shot into me only a moment before. He got on his back and told me to sit on his face. He got his tongue into me even further. Of course gravity made the creamy globs flow out of me and right down his throat. He was being a very dirty boy tonight. He got me to cum again and finally, we lay next to one another, panting. He’d been insatiable.

I Knew It Was  GFE Story Too Good To Be True

Just then my phone rang, and I got a sick feeling when I looked at who was calling. It said, Todd. How could he be calling me if he was laying here next to me? I answered and he asked how I liked his brother, Tad, had we gotten on ok?  And I looked over at Tad and he grinned at me. I was kind of speechless at the whole thing. We will need to discuss this GFE story further when he got him I told him.

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