I Wanted To Make It Special For Him

A GFE story is usually a romantic and sensual one, as is mine. I love my boyfriend very much and am always thinking of ways I can please him. I knew he was having a rough time at work for the last few weeks, so I wanted to do something special. And I made his favorite meal and was waiting for him when he got home in some sexy new lingerie. I would provide a feast for his eyes, as well as his stomach. I knew he approved the second I answered the door. He had no idea the evening of pampering that lay ahead for him.

A Hot Bubble Bath Was Waiting For Him

While the dinner was finishing cooking, I led him to his favorite chair. I had his favorite drink waiting for him on the table. And I knelt before him and slipped off his shoes and put on his comfy slippers. His demeanor was relaxing already. I went behind his chair and gave him a neck rub. I served dinner, and he loved every bite of it. And I then had a moment to slip into the bathroom and draw us a hot bubble bath. I led him in and we slipped into the hot bath together. He massaged my feet, It was a sexy massage and I played with his cock a bit with my feet. We emerged and dried one another off and went to the bedroom.

I Licked The Tip Of His Dick And It Made Him Quiver

Now for the real dessert. I laid him on the bed on his back and crawled up between his legs. Then I started sucking on that delicious hard cock of his. This GFE story I was living out, was so sweet and sensual. I wanted to please. I had lit candles, and the room was aglow with their soft warm light. And  I licked the tip of his cock until he was quivering with ecstasy. I fondled his balls and kept working my mouth all over that sweet cock of his. And I wanted to relax him as much as possible.

His Mouth Felt So Good On My Pussy

I knew I was about to receive a mouthful of his cum. I sped up my oral actions to milk out every drop of it. He shot it down my throat and said he wanted to return the favor. I knew by the time he was done, he’d be hard again. I crawled up to his face and straddled his mouth. My clit stuck out, and he sucked on it and worked his tongue all over it, driving me wild. I could feel him sliding that tongue as far into me as he could get it, and then return to my clit. I gripped the headboard to steady myself, And I threw my head back to scream in orgasmic delight as I came. And I caught my breath and looked over my shoulder to see his cock at attention once more.

My Cunt Was So Wet

I wriggled back down and straddled his cock, slipping it into my wet from just cumming pussy.  And I slowly rocked back and forth and could feel that second orgasm welling up inside of me. He reached up and played with my tits. Toying with my nipples. I ground my clit against his hard shaft, my slippery cunt made sex noises on his cock from the wetness. He loved it, and grabbed my ass cheeks in each hand, helping me glide up and down his manhood. I bucked and I rotated my hips in little circles until I felt my second release was imminent. I placed my hands on his chest and ground my clit even harder onto the base of his shaft. And I soon came explosively on him.

It Was As Sensual And Sexy As I Hoped.

My spasming pussy clenched down on his dick, milking him into me. He then shot squirt after squirt into my hungry pussy until I drained him dry. We lay there, in one another’s arms, breathless, his cock still inside me. We finally cuddled up together and I knew he loved me, and he knew I loved him. Pampering someone you love is a wonderful thing to do for them. We kissed and whispered sweet nothings to one another. It was the sweetest GFE story I’d had with him in a long time. I knew he loved how cared for he was that night. I plan on doing things like this a lot more often.

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