A Sexy Massage With A Very Happy Ending

Recently my boyfriend and I and my best friend and her boyfriend went to this weekend getaway. I t had gotten a crazy amount of great of good reviews online, so we wanted to see it for ourselves. On our second day there, the boys went off on some hike of the area. I wasn’t feeling like exerting myself and neither was my friend, so we stayed at the resort.

They had lots of beauty treatments and massage packages available, so we decided to try one. I opted for the massage, my girlfriend got the exfoliation treatment. I was led into a lovely room with a massage table, lots of candles and soft New Age type of music. It was very relaxing and peaceful. I got up on the table with nothing but a towel wrapped around me and waited for the masseur to arrive.I had no idea it would be such a sexy massage.

His Strong Oiled Hands Caressed  My Feet

I’m not sure why I expected it to be a woman, but it was not. It was a very good looking and strong looking young man around twenty five. I was laying face down and he greeted me and began t work on me. His strong oiled hands caressed my feet, legs and shoulders. I felt like I was melting I was in so much pleasure. I could feel myself getting as limp as a dish rag as he worked his strong, capable hands all over me. The knots in my muscles were soon worked out and I was enveloped by the fragrance of the oils. He asked me to roll over onto my back. He worked my arms and thighs with his strong hands. And then he said while I could keep the towel in place, it would be easier if I just removed it.

His Hands Tickled So Sweet  Between My Thighs

I was feeling so good from his touches, modesty was not really even in my mind. That towel was soon a pile on the floor. I was laying there totally nude and oiled and practically purring. And I could hear him rubbing his hands together with more oil. I had my eyes closed and was loving every second of this sexy massage. He hands passed closer and closer to my pussy as he rubbed my inner thighs. I brazenly even parted my thighs, not knowing what was about to happen, but open to anything. He began to rub my breasts and then my nipples got hard. I felt his fingertips lightly graze my pussy and I further opened my legs to encourage his touching me.

I Wasn’t Even Thinking Of My Boyfriend

My clit was stiff, my pussy was dripping and when his fingers touched and stroked me I went wild. I pulled him towards me for a kiss and he began to remove his clothes. I wanted him on top of me and inside of me. He was as hard as a rock and I soon felt his cock plunging into my pussy. I gasped at his girth and loved the way it felt in me.  And I wrapped my legs around him and squeezed his ass cheeks. I wasn’t even thinking of my boyfriend, all I was thinking about was this moment.  But the truth is this was a cheating sex story. My pussy milked his cock and I took in his full length. I had not planned on this sexy massage turning to sex, but it was incredible.

I Lightly Bit Into His Shoulder

So , knew we couldn’t be terribly loud since there were others outside the door and in the adjoining rooms. His oiled hinds caressed me as we fucked right there on the massage table. His cock filling my pussy as I ran my finger through his hair. He kissed me as passionately as he fucked me. This was one of the best sexual experiences of my life. I bucked my hips over and over and met his thrusts. I lightly bit into his shoulder as I came and it was a full body orgasm.

Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me and I was physically spent. He shot his load into me and we just lay there panting for a moment. Then he climbed off, got dressed and left me to clean myself up. What an amazing afternoon. My boyfriend would never know. I’d never share it with my friend either. This memory of the sexy massage was just for me to have and to treasure. Needless to say, when we got home I too gave the resort an amazing review.

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