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The last time I went home for a visit I spent one afternoon running errands with my Dad. He had to run into a hardware store so I decided to stay in the car and listen to music. I was sooo bored. I started to touch my thigh, running my finger tips up and down them. Looking out the window, I watched the random shoppers coming and going on the crisp fall afternoon. As I gazed out the window, I moved my hand over my yoga pants, feeling my crotch. Do I dare keep going? I slid my nails over my clit and felt it tingle. I decided I had to get off….now. My hand slowly reached into my panties and I ran my fingers over my moist soft pussy lips.

My Dad might be out at any minute but I need to get myself off. I slid my yoga pants down to my feet, I moved my panties to the side and my fingers found there way into my pussy. I slowly and methodically moved them in and out imagining a rock hard cock moving deep and slow inside me I closed my eyes and kept going.
My other hand pinched and rubbed my nipples till they were hard, and then played with my clit. I was going to cum hard. I could feel it coming on. I started to moan almost forgetting where I was. I looked out the window, not stopping the movement inside of me. There was a man who was parked next to or car, and he noticed me. He was about to get into his car but stopped in his tracks. I smiled at him and moved my leg up so he could see me fucking myself. He could see my wet cunt and my fingers moving faster and deeper. I moaned as the orgasmic waves came over me. He looked shocked and did not move from his spot. I came and felt the spasms subside, feeling so satisfied.
The man knocked on the window, I collected myself and opened the window a crack.
“Sara? Is that you” The man asked, “it is great to see you back home! Say hello to your Dad for me!” He smiled and got into his car.
That is when I realized it was my Dad’s boss. I don’t think he ever told my Dad about our encounter, however my Dad always says that he asks about me and when will I be visiting again. I am kind of hoping to run into him again…so I can give him another show!

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