Married and Still Getting All The BBC I Need!

I saw an old movie last week about a young, sexy Southern Belle, who has a deep seeded desire for black men. It was supposed to be about love and acceptance of everyone and overcoming prejudices but it put something else in my mind entirely. I’m so glad my husband doesn’t know about the sinful thoughts I’ve been having because I know he’d be so upset with me. I wish I had been that woman surrounded by all that BBC.  They’d do anything for a lily white pussy like mine and I just know they’d go wild as soon as they pushed inside me. It makes my pussy wet just thinking about them and I’ve got all sorts of fantasies running through my mind.

I’d stand on the porch and watch them work as their muscular bodies drip in sweat and the sun shines down on them. I’d wait until it was lunchtime and everyone was busy and I’d slip over to the one who was lagging behind. I would corner him and offer him a glass of water to cool down then tell him he should wash up before he ate. I’d take his arm and we’d go behind the house where the water pump was and I’d watch him splash water all over himself. I lean back against the outside of the house and pull him towards me, undoing his pants.

I reach inside, put my hand around his BBC and take it out.

He’s so big, his dick heavy and filling my hand unlike my husband. I stroke him as he starts to get hard and he pushes against my hand, fucking himself between my fingers. I felt a drop of pre-cum on his head and I smeared it over him with my thumb and stroked him one last time.

Then I let him go and pushed my dress up so I could pull my panties down. He moves close to me and I put my leg around him as he holds me. His BBC then pushes into me and I feel my pussy stretch around him as he goes in deeper. I put my arm around his neck as I groan and a dull ache starts in me as my pussy gets wetter. He pushes the rest of the way in me and I gasp as he starts fucking me. I feel so small in his arms and my body moves with him as he breathes on me.

I can hear the other workers getting ready for lunch by the barn while my family is in the dining room.

They’re so close and anyone could catch us. My pussy throbs and tightens around him as I move up and down, his thick dick going deeper. It feels so good and I push my hips down, forcing myself on him. I start to tense up and it’s hard to breathe as I lose control. Then I let out a cry as I start to cum and he puts his big hand over my mouth, keeping me quiet. I can’t breathe as he thrusts a few more time, pushing my back against the wall.

He grunted and leaned on me as he swelled and started to cum, filling me with his goodness. He then lets me go and I fix my clothes before heading inside for lunch with my family. Oh, I got a bit carried away. My face feels so hot, I hope my husband doesn’t notice how red my face is. I think I’m going to splash some cold water on me to cool down. BBC tends to have that affect on naughty harlots, like myself.

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