The following story is about my friend, Mavis, and how she wanted many guys to get her pregnant during a gangbang. 

After finishing college, Mavis had one thing on her mind, and that was “I need guys to get me pregnant.” She had a new degree, and thanks to the full-time job she had in school, she was ready to work and be a mother. Mavis didn’t do things by halves, as I knew. She often came to me to check that she was still on target. Her life was led with spreadsheets and numbers, and one very good bullet vibe. Nothing about her was out of place. Mavis was in total control of her life, with her perfect long blonde hair and her green eyes covered in natural makeup, her french manicured hands, and her 28B cups covered in cute but slightly revealing clothes. 

“Mavis. You’re just starting at the job? How can you want to be pregnant by yourself?” I asked her one night, at our weekly dinners. 

She glanced up from her steak, chewed and swallowed, pressing her cloth napkin to her lips to clean off any residue. “Two things. One, you know my work is alright with bringing newborns and kids to work. Two, I don’t trust anyone else to raise my child.” She pointed to the papers she’d handed me. “I know this about myself. That’s why there will be a bunch of men at the gangbang who will get me pregnant. That way, I can’t call anyone out as the father. They don’t worry about child support, and I don’t worry about shared custody.” 

She took a sip of wine while I looked over her candidates. “That’s why they’re all seasonal workers, then? Miners, fishers?” I asked, looking over one guy’s application. “You lucked out being in Alaska.” 

Mavis smiled. “Tell them to get me pregnant, Elise, ” she commanded. “And you can watch.” 

So I contacted the gentlemen she requested. 

Most of them couldn’t make it. She’d been too tight on their arrival versus when they shipped out to their remote jobs, and up here in Alaska, you have to be flexible. But she did manage to snag about 12 horny men. They answered yes very enthusiastically to Mavis’s two questions, “Will you get her pregnant” and “Are you okay not being named as the father?” (I confess, some men were looking to raise a child, and Mavis had to turn those men away). 

Soon, her ovulation week was upon us. I helped get the penthouse suite ready for her, while she peed on ovulation sticks to confirm she was fertile. I stocked water in the mini-fridge and protein bars in the cupboard while she began to masturbate. She assured me coming once would help her body loosen up and “make it easier for them to get me pregnant.” 

Personally, I think it was just nerves. But, soon the men from her selective breeding roulette showed up. I explained the rules. It was first come, first serve. In order to get her pregnant, they had to come in her pussy. Any other hole use was alright, so long as they didn’t come in it. 

But nobody broke her rule.

They made sure to get her pregnant by cumming in her pussy again and again. 

So here’s how Mavis turned out. Unlike myself, who loves kink and benches and cuffs, Mavis was decorated in white lingerie on a soft white bed cover. The men opened her legs to find her pussy meticulously shaved, her pussy already wet from coming. And they slid their cocks into her, one by one, to get her pregnant. 

The other men watched, stroking their cocks, occasionally having her suck on them. Some even sucked on her, teasing her breasts and reaching for her clit. Those cocks speared into her again and again, leaving nothing but a gaping hole dripping semen in their wake.

And is she pregnant? 

I’ll let you know in a few weeks. 


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