Congratulations, you’ve been approved for an exclusive, selective breeding roulette! 

Why have we chosen you for this selective breeding roulette? Well, see, we’ve analyzed a lot of the sperm out there, and yours is in the top tier. There are a lot of factors: genetics, sperm count, formation, and yours has the best chance of getting our girls pregnant with the children we want.

Attached to this invite are the conditions for participating in our program. You will be competing with many other men to impregnate five of our girls. Should you wish it, you may come inside these girls as many times as you’d like, in any of their holes– however, each interior ejaculation will cost you $100.

Why do we ask for money? Well, the answer is simple. Our program takes 15% in order to take care of both the girls and children after the child is born. This way, you are not legally required to financially support the child. The rest of the money returns to our breeding lottery. There will be five chances to win, one for each of our girls. If your sperm impregnates our girls, you win!

Is it possible to win more than once? Yes! One year, a very lucky winner impregnated all five girls!

If you would like to meet the girls while they are pregnant, or have anything to do with them after the roulette, that is completely your choice. The enclosed contract ensures that you will have total privacy and information security. 

Additionally, enclosed on our USB is both a date and location for our selective breeding roulette, as well as profiles for all the girls!

The Girls

When plugging in the USB for the selective breeding roulette, you learn the following information. 

Our five girls are sensational. All women present in our selective breeding roulette will be ovulating to increase their likelihood of fertilization. Additionally, we use the latest medical and scientific techniques for maximum fertility. The girls are kept away from men three weeks before this appointment. This is to ensure their bodies’ desire sperm.

Then, you click on the video files about each woman. 

A is the oldest woman you’ll see in the group. She’s black, with her hair in a natural style pulled back with a headband. “I realized I don’t have much time left if I want to be a mom.” She smiles and laughs easily with the interviewer. 

B puts a hand lovingly over her womb, her long fingernails painted in shades of soft pastels. Her short dusty hair shakes when she laughs. “I want someone to inherit the family farm.” 

C is a redhead with freckles and green eyes. A few camera shots show that she’s an owner of a voluptuous, fit body. “I’ve always wanted to have, like, Handmaid’s Tale sex,” she tells the interviewer. She stutters over a few words, but her body moves in ease. 

D looks to be about in her early twenties. “I’ve always wanted to be a mother,” she admits. Her dark, long hair cascades down her shoulders, while her bright blue eyes light up at interview questions. “There’s something about natural conception that calls to me.”

Where C is fit, E is soft and round. Her face is south-east Asian. Her makeup is by far the best and on point. She answers every question courteously, though she doesn’t laugh openly. “I don’t have time to find a husband and set up a family.” 

The Breeding

The selective breeding roulette location is well hidden. Though, it is cool in temperature. It’s more like a doctor’s office than a love hotel.

Men and women in crisp, pressed suits lead you to the breeding room. Before you open the door, they walk back to the elevator and away from you. 

Once the door opens, you notice the scent. Smells of ripe pussy waft to your nose. However, the scent of sex is noticeably absent. As you step into the chilled room, you see why.

Though you expected others, there are no other men in the room. Instead, the women are tied down to benches for breeding. Plus, blindfolds cover their eyes. Their asses face in a circle around the door, with their letters on the side of each bench. 

A few female nurses are present, though they do not engage you. One of them is taking the pulse of one of the women, E, and giving her hydration through a straw. Upon seeing you, the nurse nods at you and pulls away. 

From the brochure, you know you can ask the nurses to stay or leave, but they’re there for the women. And, as you look around, you see all five pussies dripping. Hungry, swollen labia present themselves to you. After all, they have one common goal. Each pussy begs wordlessly for their desires. Breed us, they cry. Stuff us full and give us a child.

Only one question left, then: which pussy will get your cock? 

I do wanna know the answer! Call me through phone sex and share it with me!

selective breeding roulette