Funny sex stories will put anyone at ease when doing phone sex. We’ve all been there, and some more than others.

Funny sex stories can go one of two ways…funny ha-ha or funny gross, I have some of both. Most of them are embarrassing mind you. Look back at the first time you had some sort of encounter with another person. Did it go smoothly or make a total fool of yourself?

I did hot phone sex story about how I lost my virginity, I just left out all the embarrassing parts but will reveal it all now!

It was an odd way to lose one’s virginity, but two men at the same time? Hell, that’s a great memory to look back on. I was giving Brian a blowjob (the first time ever) and thought I was doing a great job until Michael started fighting to get my jeans off. I actually bit poor Brian’s cock and face-planted right into his balls. Of course, Mike thought it was hilarious and made fun of me while I scrambled to soothe Brian.

Things got worse pretty fast. This is why I shoved this memory into the funny sex stories file deep in my mind. After I sucked off Brian, I turned to give Mike a kiss, I didn’t realize I had one of Brians’s fucking pubes on my tongue and passed it into Mike’s mouth.

How in the hell did I even get laid that night with everything that had gone on? I mean these guys had to really wanna fuck to put up with me!

Skipping forward to being throat fucked, I had Brian balls deep in my mouth when he came. I actually gagged and puked in my mouth a little, thank God they didn’t notice as I choked it back down. I would have to say my first time was kind of a bust in a way.

I’ve gotten way better at my game since then. Even working for a sex hotline has taught me some new tricks! If you wanna have some sex therapy to go back to a funny moment and make it right in your mind, give me a call!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke