How I Lost My Virginity ~ 2 Guys

Most people lose their virginity when they’re 16 and they’ve been with their first partner for a couple of months. They’re nervous, it’s weird and it usually happens at home while the parents are out. The next day they tell their closest friends and it becomes a quiet but exciting memory. Yeah, that isn’t how I lost mine at all.

I was at a party and this guy, Brian, started hitting on me. He was cute and when he suggested taking things into one of the bedrooms upstairs I didn’t say no. I thought we’d just make out a bit and we did for a while. Things were going well, I was topless and my jeans were undone. Brian had his hand down them and was fingering my pussy.  That’s when Michael came into the bedroom. He stopped when he saw us and was about to apologize when his eyes found my tits. He stared at them and Brian put his hand over my tit, gave it a squeeze, and said “Bitch has got a good pair on her, doesn’t she?”
I got mad at him for calling me that but it passed as his fingers kept squeezing me, his nails grazing my hard, sensitive nipple. Plus they are fucking good so he wasn’t lying. Michael came over to the bed and started copping a feel. Soon my pussy and tits were getting lots of attention from the guys.
Brian stopped playing with my pussy, laid back, and pulled me down to his dick. I held him around the base and slowly licked over his slit. I then swirled my tongue over the head then moved along the shaft.
Michael started tugging off my jeans and panties, which were now down by my ankles and pushed my hips up. I heard a zipper go down and felt his hands on my hips. The tip of his dick brushed against my pussy as I leaned down lower and took Brian’s dick in my mouth. I wrapped my lips tightly around it and began to give it long, slow sucks. I cupped his balls and gently squeezed them while I sucked. Michael began to push forward and I felt nervous as he started to get closer to being inside me. This wasn’t how I imagined my cherry being popped, it was even better and I tried to relax.
He gave a quick shove and I felt a sharp pain as he entered my pussy. I froze for a second and Brian pushed his hips up, shoving his dick down my throat. I gagged as Michael began to thrust in and out of me. Then I heard him say how tight I was as I began to suck Brian again. He kept hitting the back of my throat as I let him nearly slide out before taking him in again. I felt his balls jerk up in my hand and hot cum began to pour down my throat. I swallowed as much of it as I could then slid him out of my mouth.
Stayed where I was as Michael continued to pound me. I clenched my muscles around him and felt an orgasm coming. Michael groaned and started to cum. I pushed back against him, impaling myself on his dick, and began to cum as well.
Michael pulled out of my pussy and I could feel his cum and my pussy juices running down my inner thighs. I licked Brian’s cum off my lips and got off the bed. We got dressed and went downstairs to rejoin the party. That is how I lost my virginity.

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