BBC fuck fest

I love living at the lake house, but I desperately needed a regular handyman, and a crew to get it started. Which led to my first BBC fuck fest.

You see the only problem with the lake house is the number of minor repairs that are needed. EVERYWHERE has needs; the house, decks, stairs, walkways, and retaining wall all need repairs. As well as getting the yard back under control.

I needed help. There is just too much that I do not have the skill or even have the tools to repair. So, I hired Drew how could put together a small crew to take care of my needs. Turned out in more ways than one.

Now I did not and still do not PAY them to come over and fuck me mind you. It is more like taking advantage of them being here… Or maybe a bonus for them.

But I am getting more than just the 2 BBC cousins.

Drew has a small crew of a few family and friends of his, that honestly is drawing unemployment and working a bit under the table.

And I hired him to bring over his crew and get a list of things done quickly. The day they showed up was hot and muggy.

The only reason I had anything on was that strangers were coming over. Wanting everything done I told them to feel free to rest during the heat of the day in the house downstairs and just work later in the day.

I had bought a cooler full of ice-cold drinks as well as sandwiches and chips, told them to feel free to swim to cool off.

Well, the handyman BBC fuck fest started during lunch.

I had shown Drew the house, and all my needs, as well as letting him know where they could rest. I stayed upstairs working on installing curtain rods and such as the guys worked in the morning.

But when I heard them coming in downstairs and turn the TV on. I knew that it was safe to get comfy too, since they would be downstairs for a couple of hours.

So, I stripped naked,

and threw myself onto the upstairs bed to rest too. I had light music playing just reading snacking on cubes of cheese and grapes when I heard a soft sound in the doorway.

It was Drew and right over his shoulder was Eclamaire.

Drew is about 5’11 muscular and is as black as a shadow at midnight on a new moon. His cousin Eclamaire has a very similar build.

Both men staring at my body as it was just lounging on the pillows. Neither was looking at my face.

I was kind of shocked when I noticed the pants leg of Drew’s start to lift out a little. I realized that he must have a LONG cock. My pussy instantly flooded.

Till I could actually feel the hot nectar start to slid a drop-down my ass cheek. It was so swollen that I could feel my clit start to push up between my pussy lips…

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BBC Fuck Fest
BBC Fuck Fest