I Cuckold My Husband with BBC

I cuckold my husband with BBC. It’s not really my fault. Back then I was just your average wife with a normal husband.

Well, till his boss Rod turned Steve into a cuckhubby in the 1st year of our marriage. Steve had stopped touching me other than to eat other men’s cum from my pussy.

We had new neighbors move in and they were a gorgeous black couple. He was 6 feet tall at least. She was lush and overly curvy with a tiny waist.

I of course went straight over and invited them to super since everything they had was in boxes. I told them it was a very casual grilling. So, if they wanted to come swim or use our hot tub to relax with us to come over.

Of course, they jumped at the chance.

I was in my nude-colored tinny bikini. It is more strings than real fabric. Steve was in his long swim trunks when they came to the gate. I let them in. They were in shorts and shirts with their suits under their clothes.

But seeing Steve and I in our barely dressed attire it took but moments to get them to truly strip.

I swear my mind was about blown

Drew pulled his shirt off so I could see his 6 pack. Then he dropped his shorts showing himself in not exactly speedos but close enough. Though flaccid his cock was as big around as a soda can, and twice as long.

While his wife Rhea pulled her baggy T-shirt over her head showing her lush breasts and tiny waist. There was barely enough white material to cover her nipples. When she dropped her shorts, I could see her impressive pussy lips covered in painted-on fabric. I swear her clit showed and was half the size of my thumb.

I instantly felt my cunt juices start to flow over my pussy lips it swelled and my own clit grew hard.

I ordered Steve to start the grill in our outdoor kitchen, which was only a few feet away from us, and to keep his hands on the countertop as he watched. I stepped close to Rhea.

I put my hand to the strings of my top and asked her if she minded. Saying that “I usually do not wear anything in the back yard, pool, or hot tub.”

She said “Of course not, if you do not mind me joining you”

My response was “Not at all, I would love that. Also, if you do not mind, Drew can join us as well, Steve is not allowed to”

Drew stepped forward and started rubbing his hands on my body as Rhea and I took off each other’s bikini tops.

My hands cupping and lifting her breasts to my mouth as I bent forward slightly. Drew slid my bikini bottoms down.

As he did, I realized he had removed his own suit as his cock brushed my thighs. He kissed my lower back then my ass cheeks as he knelt behind me taking my bottoms completely off.

I loved how his hands were so firm all the way down, then back up to grip and spread my ass cheeks.

As I bent suckling Rhea’s tight nipple, I slide my fingers beneath the scrap of her bottoms. And started to finger fuck her while rubbing the heel of my hand into her magnificent clit. Drew started to eat my pussy and ass from behind.

He buried his face and tongue in my ass checks wrapping his arms around my hips to hold me still.

His fingers tapping my clit in rhythm that caused the build toward my first orgasm. I was so close when he stood up and felt the tip of his huge cock start to force its way into my tight slimy pussy…

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Cuckold My Husband with BBC
Cuckold My Husband with BBC

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