Funny sex stories about how important it is to ask about the finer details.

Funny sex stories with a twist! While perusing craigslist for a roommate, you came across an ad that was too good to be true. “Roommate wanted — Must love anal.” Intrigued, you keep reading. “My current roommate and I are looking for a third who absolutely loves anal. Must be male and white. Small cocks are very welcome.” Small cocks? Why that’s you! You scroll down to find my picture. You gasp at my beauty. You keep reading. The place is in the area you wanna be and the rent is super cheap, too! Convinced that this opportunity was MADE for you, you email me.

That same day, I show you the place.

It’s pretty nice! Much nicer than your old place and you’d be sharing it with two hot, hot girls! You stare at my tits throughout, not believing how huge they are! They distract you and your little pecker so much that you practically miss half of the conversation.

“So, are you interested?”

“Oh! Very interested!”

“And you can move in today? right now?”

“Of course!”

“Cause my roommate will be home soon and we kinda wanna start having fun immediately.”

Almost unable to contain yourself, you hand over first and last months rent of your share. I smile and tell you to wait in the bedroom. You can’t believe what’s about to happen. It’s been ages since your cock has tasted any hole. Sure, you usually don’t last very long, but you convince yourself that you’ll be able to THIS time.

I poke my head in. “Oh great! You’re naked! Good. My roommates back and can’t wait to meet you!” Your little cock gets stiff as you hear footsteps approach the door. “Meet, D’marcus!”

A 6 foot 3 black alpha walks in rocking a huge bulge and an even bigger grin. Your smile disappears…and your cock leaks.

Everyone saw the gay sex coming but you! What happens next? Look for my next installment or call my phone sex line