Full Family fun is never as good as full family fun.

Everyone must participate in full family fun. Unfortunately, mommy was away to visit her sister, so we did not get to have whole family fun to the extent that we would have wanted it. However, mommy would have protested, including our little sister in our family fun so early. So, in a way, the reason we got to play with my little sister was that mommy was gone. I crawled into daddy’s bed that night and woke him up for some late night cuddles. I knew mommy would be gone, so I knew that my company would be welcome. After pulling back the blankets, I snuggled my little ass into daddy and felt him wake up. He asked me what I was doing, and I told him that I could not sleep.

I wriggled my little tushie right into his cock some more. Then he asked if I wanted to play our unique little grown-up game. I told him yes and begged him to let my little sister play. I had desperately wanted to play with her, but they never allow me. Mommy was too strict about it. Daddy said that mommy would not be too happy if she found out that we brought my little sister in on our games. I begged and begged, and I saw that daddy wanted to. He gave it some thought and eventually agreed. We crept back into my shared bedroom and woke up my little sister. Daddy gave her a little nudge, and she turned over and told us that she was pretending to be asleep.

Then, daddy asked her if she wanted to play a big girl game with him and me.

She said yes, excitedly. Daddy told her that we would have to keep it a secret from mommy; otherwise, daddy would get in trouble. She promised like a good girl. She even pinky promised me. Then, we took her into daddy’s bedroom. Daddy carried her. Then, he set her down on the bed and told her to do precisely what I did. I took off all of my clothes, and she followed. She slid off her little pink nightie and her tiny white cotton panties. I laid back and spread my legs for daddy. She did the same right next to me. Her bald little pussy lips spread open, and you could see her itty, bitty, pink, tiny hole.

Daddy approached me and slid his fingers inside of me while my little sister watched. Her reaction was extra hot. She grew super close and watched with wide eyes. Daddy rubbed my little clit and slid two fingers in and out of me until the tingles grew too strong to handle. I felt them build and build, then I felt my pussy squeeze all over daddy’s fingers, and I came hard in front of my little sister. Her turn! I asked daddy if I could try it with her. He said that she looked petite, so I must start with one finger. I slid one finger in, and she was so tight. I pushed it in and out while daddy rubbed her little clit. Then, he informed me when the time for two fingers arrived.

I slid in the other finger and finger fucked her.

The tiny walls of her little pussy grew wetter and wetter. Daddy told me that it was his turn, and I slid my fingers out. I wanted to feel her cum. Daddy whispered in my ear to slide one of my fingers into her ass after he fit two fingers in. He began with one finger because his fingers were so big! Once she stretched, he popped a second one in, and she squirmed a bit. Daddy worked them in slowly while rubbing her clit. Then, daddy let me slide my finger in her ass. We pumped our fingers in and out of her until she squirted all over daddy’s fingers. Then, daddy slid his cock into my tight pussy, and my little sis watched him fuck me.

Finally, he filled my pussy with his sweet cream. He pulled out and told my little sister to lick up the leftovers. Now that’s what I call, full family fun.

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full family fun