I have a little friend, who is a little and has a sexy little space.

Not every little has a sexy little space, in fact, most little spaces are not sexual at all. I recently got into and became very well versed in the lifestyle of cg/l. That is a relationship between a caregiver and a little. A little is the one receiving care, while the caregiver is the one providing it. I have previously been the little girl or lg in a dd/lg relationship. That is daddy dom and little girl.

Contrary to the fact that I am sweet and cute and love submitting, I also am quite good at taking care of others. I have worked as a teacher’s aide for a chunk of my life, as well as a camp counselor. I know how to make rules and enforce them.

Also, I am rather good at spoiling. I always pictured cg/l with a “mommy” as the dom, as having a boy as the little. Who knew that I would encounter a tiny girl, and I would make her my little. She was, of course, taller than me. I mean, everyone is taller than me. At first, she was reluctant to disclose the fact that she was a little, due to the fact that littles get such a bad reputation. I had previous experience with adult baby diaper lovers, which she told me she was not at all interested in. I looked up age regression, as I had no experience with this. Also, I searched the term little space. Some little spaces are sexy, and some are not.

When littles age regress, they can regress to any age that they deem comfortable.

When my little age regresses, she enjoys wholesome movies, coloring, and candy. She also loves her cozy comforts like stuffies, blankies, and jammies. Along with this, she enjoys strict regulation and punishment. She likes to intentionally disobey the rules in order to receive punishment. Some rules are not for disobeying, and she knows that. Some rules are for breaking. When she breaks these rules, she may be bent over and spanked. She also may be tied up and fucked. She might even get caned, paddled, or beaten with a leather strap. My little is a little pain slut, and her little space is a sexy little space. That is not to say that all littles like to be grabbed and played within their little space.

This one sure does. She loves to be a little brat until she ends up chased down like one. Then, she likes the dragging off and punishing. She knows just what buttons to push to get me to drag her into my bedroom by the hair and beat her with a leather strap. I have my fun marking her ass up, and she hurts to sit for the next six hours. I recently acquired several strap-like toys. There is a leather strap, a rubber strap, and a silicone strap. The other day I was sitting on the couch coloring with her and watching romcoms, and she began mouthing off, as per usual. I gave her my warning look, and she continued regardless. So, I rose, grabbed her by the hair, and hauled her little ass to my bedroom.

I tied her vertically to the headboard and the footboard of my bed.

Then, I informed her that she was going to get it. I laid out the toys on my bed in front of her. I put her hair up in a bun and stripped her before tying her down. Then, I climbed on top of her, and I began beating her ass and thighs with a leather strap. She turned pink. Then, I beat her with my texture rubber strap. Then, she turned pink, welted, and developed tiny red spots all over. Lastly, I beat her with the heavy silicone strap, and her whole ass rose up and turned into one big, puffy, welt. Where the edges of the silicone paddle hit her, bruises began to develop. I pulled out my vibrator and edged her over and over. I made her hold it for so long. Finally, she came and wriggled all round. She loves playing in her sexy little space!

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sexy little space