Fucked In The Parking Lot

I wasn’t expecting to get fucked that night in the grocery store parking lot. It really just kind of happened.

I was craving something chocolate. That’s what happens whenever I start to ovulate and my period is close by. There’s also something else that happens that I have NO control over. I always get super horny and wanting to fuck anything with a dick whenever “aunt Flow” is on her way. For as far back as I can remember I’ve just always been in heat once a month. It’s an uncontrollable desire to be fucked, especially in my pussy, deep and hard.

When the cute guy bagging my groceries seemed to be staring at my bra-less chest (I was wearing a tank top and white mini skirt with yellow sandals) he immediately caught my attention. He was a young guy, late teens or early twenties maybe. Just couldn’t wait to ask me if he could help me outside with my groceries. He was cute, strong, handsome, and hot so yeah, of course, I let him take those bags to my car.

When we got to the vehicle I told him that I was grateful for his help, but I didn’t have any spare change to tip him with. I was fucked. He said that was okay and started to walk away. That’s when it hit me! He was almost to the store’s automatic doors when I called out to him. He came back to my car. One second later I was on my knees, unzipping his pants, and pulling out his young cock. Right there in the parking lot and I didn’t give a fuck who saw us!

This bag boy was getting fucked in my car.

I made his cock glisten with my spit. I sucked him and licked him at the same time. The rim of the tip of his cock glided over my juicy lips and tongue with perfection. His cock was aching and I was happy to please him. We were guarded by my driver’s side door so most people didn’t realize what was happening. The couple walking by definitely saw, the older guy with the six-pack of beer saw me deep throating my new friend, but I’m not sure if the lady with the kids paid any attention. I was licking his balls at the time she walked by.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and I begged the bagger boy to fuck me in my tight and swollen pussy. I needed his young cock to spread me open and make me cum all over the fucking place! I NEEDED TO GET DRILLED! He bent me over inside of my car on the driver’s side and lifted my skirt. I was wearing a black thong, so it wasn’t hard for him to get access to my wet cunt. As soon as he slipped his dick inside of my fuck hole I started rocking back and forth on it. He held my hips tight and bared his teeth in an attempt to muffle his moans. There were a group of 5 guys that walked by and they started taking pics and vids. Their cocks were hard from watching me get plowed.

I felt his young cock jolt inside of me.

So I knew it was time to take his seed. I begged for his cum and that is exactly what he gave me. My pussy massaged his cock to the point of no return and without warning, this young, fertile man exploded inside of me. It felt like I had pissed myself. THAT’S HOW MUCH CUM WAS RUNNING DOWN MY LEG! It was amazing! After he put his dick back in his pants and I stood there with his cum streaming down my leg, onto the ground, we exchanged numbers and we have been fuck buddies ever since.

I want to be your fuck buddy too baby. You know, someone you can call on whenever that aching cock needs to be pleased and drained. Give me a call. Anytime. Anywhere.

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