My favorite stories are pregnant sex stories

I had the best sex last night.  Rode his big cock bareback and he came deep inside me.  We might have been a little too risky and  I think I might be pregnant now.  He’s going to be really pleased with himself, though!

“The best sex is when we try and make a baby,” he said.

“What? You want to get me pregnant,” I asked incredulously.  As I said it I realized it kind of turned me on and it would be really hot to try to make a baby with him.

I smiled, reached my hand down to his cock, and removed the condom.  He looked shocked and really turned on.  His cock was rock hard now and he slid it back into my wet pussy. I moaned as he moved inside me, it felt so good. Looks like I was even more turned on by this than I thought.  I couldn’t wait to be pregnant with his baby.

He kissed me as he started thrusting harder into me. I was so turned on my pussy was dripping wet.  I whispered to him that I wanted his seed.

Give me a baby!

“You’re going to give me a baby,” I said. “I need your cum. You’re going to get me pregnant.”

He fucked me harder and I told him I wanted to be pregnant, he was as turned on as I was.  I could tell he was about to cum and I wanted him to.

“Give it to me,” I said. “Fill me up with your seed.  Put a baby in me!”

He let out a loud grunt and I felt his seed spilling into me.  I knew I was pregnant. We did it, we made a baby.

I can’t wait until I know for sure I have a baby in me. Until then, I’ll just have to keep practicing.

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