Impregnation Sex Stories: He can’t cum unless he thinks it will get me pregnant!

I have a fun friend with benefits who is an AMAZING lover. The trouble is, he’s so into impregnation sex stories that he can’t cum unless he thinks he’s going to get me pregnant! This is great for me because he fucks me all night long!

The other night he came over and I was wearing his favorite dress, the one that puffs out in the front and makes me look pregnant. He came in and rubbed my belly.

He turned me around and kissed me on the back of my neck, his cock pressing against my ass. I could feel it getting harder as he kissed my neck and rubbed my stomach.

After a minute, he guided me to my room and bent me over my bed. He pulled my dress up, smiled when he saw I wasn’t wearing any panties, and pulled his cock out to fuck me.  I was already so wet from him kissing me that he slid right into my tight pussy.

He fucked me hard until I came on his big cock, then he undressed and pulled my dress off me.  We got on the bed and he pulled my legs up so they were resting on his muscular shoulders. He started to fuck me hard again and made me cum twice as he pounded me hard.

He cums so hard when I say “Let’s make a baby!”

“I want you on top,” he said, breathing hard, but grinning.

I climbed on top of him and ground against his rock hard cock, getting it nice and wet. Then I moved it back inside my tight pussy and started to fuck him. I pounded my pussy against his big cock. Controlling the speed, I was able to cum again pretty quickly.

Suddenly, he maneuvered me on the bed on my stomach and started to fuck me from behind.

“Let’s make a baby, I’m ovulating!” I said as he pounded my tight little cunt.

He moaned and I felt his hot cum spilling inside me and dripping out of me.

The only thing better than making him impregnate me is making him watch a BBC impregnate me.


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