I Love Having a BBC Cuckold

I have a BBC Cuckold friend who loves watching me get fucked.  Luckily for him, I LOVE a juicy big black cock in my tight wet pussy!

I always make him get on his knees and suck on the big black cock that is about to fuck me hard. He loves to get the big black cock nice and hard for me and his little white dick gets so hard while he does it.

Once he’s got that big black cock rock hard for me, it’s my turn to play with it. I am on my hands and knees taking that big cock in my tight pussy.

After I cum, I switch positions. I want to ride reverse cowgirl! As I slide up and down on that big black cock, I tell my tiny dicked cuckold to come over and lick my tight wet pussy.

He walked over to the bed. His tiny white dick was so hard, he made a little tent in his pretty little panties. I made him climb on the bed and shove his face right into my tight wet pussy.  I told him to lick and suck my little clit as my BBC fucked me hard.  After a bit, he moved down and licked the big black cock going in and out of my pussy, too. It was Hot!

I pulled him by the hair and moved him back up to my clit.  He sucked on my clit as I got fucked harder. I came hard as I felt cum filling up my pussy. I just knew he got me pregnant.

My friend got right to work licking up all of the cum that BBC left behind.


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