So this coming weekend, I’m throwing my annual FUCK YOU VALENTINES party. I am so excited. I have a consultant coming to show off the newest, latest and greatest in sexual technology. All of my crazy girlfriends are super excited to see the new dildo’s, vibes and fuck dolls showcased.

Last years party was so fucking awesome. Everyone was told to arrive in their naughtiest of attire. We started out with an Ice breaker game, of Reclaim your VIRGINITY! *giggles* I had girls finding their “cherries” in the bottoms of tubs filled with whipped cream, only using their mouths. When the jello shots came out, and truth or dare started, that’s when the party took a delicious turn. Sara dared Nina to take a shot from Lexi’s pussy, but Lexi couldn’t clench around the shooter, so when Nina dove down under, she got a mouth full of wet snatch and just started licking. And My Aunt Mae and I well, let’s just say we were very naughty girls.

I had a male review as the showcase last year at my Valentines bash. 3 male strippers that allowed touching and ahem… so much more. My favorite guy had to be MONROE- a sexy light-skinned guy, that had a huge fucking BBC, believe me there was no tucking that big pants snake back. I’ve always been able to deep throat, until Monroe. But it was so much fun trying! I was awarded later on for my good efforts, but that’s a whole different blog (LOL)

I always strive to beat out my last years bash. So this year I’m hoping that it gets really crazy. I’m planning on demonstrating a few of those hot new toys for my girlfriends. I requested a couple different fucking machines.

While all the happy couples are swooning over how much they love each other.

I’ll be all lubed up and in complete lust.

Fuck you Valentines!

X’s and Oh’s

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