Would You Like Fries With That Fuck?

I used to work as a waitress. I worked as one for almost four years. So I had some wonderful customers and some not-so-wonderful ones. I always say, “Don’t fuck with the people who make your food.” Well, I took the phrase to an entirely new level. Be careful what comes out of your mouth because you never know what you might be putting back into it.

Now, I did not mind when a man would slap my ass, call me sexy, shamelessly say vulgar remarks to me…as long as he would tip me well. Most of them did. Actually, I was always tipped very well by the men. The ones that would give me trouble were three girls I used to go to High School with. They were, skinny, hot, and very sexy as fuck, but for whatever reason they never liked me.

They would sit at their table and snicker as I would pick up my tips from other tables. Calling me a whore, trust me I worked very hard for every dollar I made. I do not think that showing a little more skin, being flirty, or making sure my customers were happy, makes me that big of a whore. Now when nights were slow I would occasionally offer the guys a little extra something with their meal.

On the weekend the girls would come in with their boyfriends. They were up to their same shit. I had about enough of it. I was about to show them how big of a whore I could really be. Then I went up and took their order making sure to be extra flirty with their boyfriends. As I went over to put the order in one of the boys went to the bathroom. So naturally, I followed him in.

He smiled when he saw me walk in and lock the door. I walked over and unbuttoned my top and when he saw my pink perky nipples his cock got instantly hard. I pulled down my panties and bent over the toilet in one of the stalls. He followed right behind me like a hungry dog. He took his large throbbing cock and shoved it into my wet pussy.

So he was very rough and the more he thrust the wetter I got. I told him we need to be quick because his girlfriend was right outside waiting for her food. He nodded and started to thrust even faster. I turned my head around and said in a soft and sexy voice, “I want you to cum in my mouth. I want every last drop of your warm cum. Fill my mouth up baby!” He really liked the sound of that, because after a few min he pulled out his cock, I opened my mouth and shot a huge load into it.

I stood up, smiled, not saying a word, and walked into the kitchen. The cook pointed out their food. I grabbed the girl’s burgers, opened my mouth, and well…they did ask for extra mayo. I just fucked that bitch’s boyfriend raw and now she and her friends were going to taste the after mass of it.

So I walked over and set the food down, gave the boy a wink, and said, “One down two to go.”

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