My Friend’s Prank Left Me Covered In Cum!

My roommate and I are always pulling pranks on each other. Each month there was a new prank. One month I replace her toothpaste with Elmer’s glue. The next month she replaced the sugar with salt and my morning coffee was very interesting LOL! What she did on my birthday was the prank that tops all pranks and I have the cum stained dress to prove it!


For my birthday my roommate took me out to my favorite bar. We got all dressed up and even met some friends there. After a few drinks, we were all having a great time dancing, laughing, and flirting. In midst of the fun, a few strange things started to happen. Out of nowhere, random guys started coming up to me while jerking their cocks off.

I was super drunk so, I thought it was fucking hilarious that these guys were walking up to me with their dicks in their hands it was absolutely bizarre but it turned me on so I went with it. My friends thought it was funny too and they couldn’t stop laughing. My roommate was in tears from laughing so hard. I tried to ask her what was going on but the crowd of guys was growing around me.

It was like they were all synchronized to start jerking off around me at the same time. I played along and dropped to my knees. All of the guys in the bar had their cocks out and jerked them off over my face. I didn’t realize that footage of me and my boyfriend fucking was up on the screens while all of this was happening. Even my boyfriend seemed to know what was going on.

I pulled my tits out of my shirt and begged for the guys to shower me with their loads.

One by one each guy started to pop off in my face. Their warm cumshots covered my face, hair, mouth, and tits. There were 23 guys in all that blew their loads on me that night. One guy for each year of my life plus a bonus guy (#24). See, what I didn’t know, was that my roommate had made a deal with the bar owner to put a sign outside of the door that night. It read:


And what was the special treat for “Mr. 24th”? Well, lucky “24” would get the chance to fuck me on the pool table in front of everybody after the rest of the guys bukkaked me! My roommate fell to the floor in laughter after everyone realized that “Mr. 24th” was an old guy in his 70’s. I was so drunk by the time he slew me on that fucking pool table it could’ve been a munchkin from munchkin land fucking my brains out! I didn’t care! That old man fucked me good and came inside of me.

It was one of the best nights of my life. My roommate really got me on that prank, but I’ve got something GOOD planned for her!

What about you? What’s the wildest night of sex you’ve ever had? Are you a prankster too? Wanna help me come up with a kinky plan to get my roommate back?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke