You know you’ve had a good night when it ends with you on your knees with cum dripping down your face. Friday night was a good night for me; I still have the rug burns on my knees and I think I still have some dried cum on my face. I just love a big messy facial.

Scott knew he wanted me as soon as he saw me; he made a beeline straight for me at the club and told the guy I was flirting with to get lost. I wasn’t too happy about losing a hot guy I’d spent the last five minutes talking to but his attitude did grab my attention. He got straight to the pint and told me I was hot, did I want to go back to his place? All I could think was if he was this take charge in public then what was he like in private? My pussy got a dull throb as I thought of him taking control over me and I told him I was his for the night.

He made me get undressed and when I was naked he told me to undress him. I did as I was told and saw that he liked ordering me around so much that he was already starting to get hard. He saw me looking at him and he put his hand on my shoulder, pushing me down on my knees. I fell so hard the carpet scraped my knees raw, making them burn. Great, I’d be remembering tonight for the next few days. I wonder what people thought when they saw the state of me knees while I went around in a skirt. He put his hand on the back of my head and shoved my face towards his dick. “Make me hard.” he said and held me there until I put his dick in my mouth. I began to suck him off and felt him grow harder. He moaned and pushed forward, forcing me to keep going. I did and was doing a damn good job when he suddenly pulled my hair, yanking my mouth off him. He gripped my hair in one hand and his dick with the other. He held me close and I could smell his musky scent as his dick twitched in front of me. Scott rubbed his dick along my cheek, the soft skin of his shaft tugging gently on it. My spit smeared on me as he moved it over me then took it off me. He started to jerk off, his hand sliding up and down his wet shaft. Pre-cum was oozing out of him and I flicked my tongue out, licking up. He pulled my hair harder and called me a slut. I couldn’t argue with that and kept quiet. His hand went faster and his fingers danced a rhythm in my hair as he finally came. He groaned and pushed me right into him as cum shot across my face. He pumped his dick as string after string of cum landed on my cheek, my chin, my lips.

It dripped down me, leaving trails of wet stickiness as he finally let go of my hair. He pushed me away and I fell backwards on my ass. I leaned back on my hands and looked up at him. He kicked my legs apart and said “Let’s see what I can do to you in this position.”