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Free sex stories from work. A few months back I left the office where I was working, but before I did that, I had to have the hot guy from the warehouse. We had been flirting for months, now that I was leaving, it was now or never and I wasn’t accepting never as an option!

I sent him a DM and told him I needed him to come to see me. I unbuttoned my blouse so just enough cleavage would leave him dying for more and positioned myself so he’d have a full view when he walked in.  Once he was at my desk, we went over a few spreadsheets on the computer and, I had him follow me over to the supply room. Knowing he was watching every shift of my voluptuous ass, I made sure to give him a show. Looking around to make sure no one was watching, I let us both in.

“I won’t be here much longer, it’s time we stop playing around, don’t you think?” I asked, smiling.

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He smiled back and moved closer, the heat between us became incredible. I felt his hands on my waist and he pulled me close to kiss me. His lips were even juicier than I imagined and I could immediately feel his dick getting hard against me. My hands found his belt and started to pull it off, I needed what was in those pants and I needed it bad. I was on a mission and we only had so long before someone noticed we were both gone and creating our own free sex stories.

He kissed down my neck to my breasts, pulling my shirt open and sliding my bra up to suck on my nipples. I pulled his cock out and felt the hot meat in my hand…bulging. The tip so shiny and dripping a little cum. I wanted it in my mouth…right now.

He got even harder as I knelt down to lick it

I knelt down, looked up while my fingers played with his balls. I loved watching the pleasure on his face. Slowly sliding my tongue out, he watched as it finally touched the tip of his dick. He grabbed my head and shoved it all the way in with so much force I gagged at first…quickly I recovered and picked up a fast rhythm and his cock was now banging the back of my throat like we were porn stars in the supply room. If you love free sex stories, I have tons of them!

Free Sex Stories | He picked me up and fucked me harder

He picked me up and started to fuck me against the file cabinet.  His big cock felt so good as he pounded into me. My pussy was dripping and pulsating…I could feel my clit ready to cum every time his fingers rolled it around and he could tell I was about to cum…he fucked my cunt harder.

As he fucked me, we both got closer to cumming, my moans getting louder. I tried not to be too loud, but I couldn’t help it. We were both cumming, he kissed me so I wouldn’t be too loud.

I slid my skirt back down and we sneaked back out of the supply room. Who can beat that for the last day at work?

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