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Thanks for joining me and reading my free sex stories blog!  Perhaps you can shed some light and provide me with your insight.  What if you had two great girls in your life and they both were very different, but you loved them or wanted them both?  There are countless songs that address this issue talking about the internal torture one undergoes to arrive at a conclusion or best solution.  The solutions are not always solved in a simple way.  We’ve often learned that love and sex are pretty sticky issues.  Feelings could get hurt, tempers could rise.

On to our story.  Our story focuses on my friend Natalie.  She started dating a guy she met at work.  A few weeks later, Natalie met another man on a dating site.  Natalie was notorious for making bold moves.  She dated both men very separately for some time with no complications.  Natalie realized she liked them both.  They were both extremely sexy, good in bed, smart, and witty.  To keep their names out of the light, let’s just call them Scott and Greg.

Scott was guy number one.  Greg was the man who came into the picture second.  One day Natalie came home from work intending to stay in for the night.  Dating two guys definitely took a lot of work.  All Natalie could think of was her warm bed, a hot novel, and some sexy alone time.  Upon entering her apartment, she saw Greg and Scot on the couch.  Her mouth dropped open in surprise.  Natalie came in and shut the door.

Natalie tried to explain but both men were looking at her body with hungry eyes.

They ordered her to strip down to her panties and come join them on the couch.  Scott and Greg had figured out the truth and both waited for Natalie to return.  If they couldn’t have her exclusively, they would share her together.  Natalie sat in the middle and started making out with her two lovers.  She loved the way Scott kissed but enjoyed Greg’s tongue darting around her soft lips.  Each hand found a hard cock and started stroking up and down.  Her body was covered in kisses and licks till Natalie could no longer discern Greg from Scott.

The two lovers spent time caressing and licking her nipples, eating her wet pussy.  After many orgasms were reached by Natalie, she tasted both men.  They sighed in appreciation and lust.  Becoming more adventurous, Natalie opened her mouth as wide as she could and took both cocks in her mouth.  She felt the stretch as her lips wrapped around their shafts.  The taste of sweet meat pulsed in her warm mouth as Natalie sucked hungrily.

The play turned to hunger.  Natalie had to have them.

Scrambling to the floor, she beckoned her lovers to join her.  She opened up her holes and both took an entrance and made sweet love to her pussy and ass.  The rhythmic pumping of two cocks drove her to ecstasy over and over!  Natalie felt fuller than she had ever felt before.  Her pussy and ass cried out as it stretched to make room for two very equipped dicks.

What a joyous afternoon it was.  It is safe to say that Natalie’s difficult issue turned into some grand fun!  What would you have done?

Do you need to get something off your chest?  In need of some sex therapy of your own?

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