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True sex stories are the best stories!  In the summer I always hire a neighborhood boy to mow my lawn and do yard work.  Usually, I don’t have much interaction with these boys, but one summer that all changed.  That summer was the hottest summer of my life!

I would watch the new boy from my window.  I’d wait for him to take off his shirt while he worked, I wanted to see his taut young body.  Soon, I began to touch myself while I watched. It started with squeezing my nipples, then I began rubbing my clit, and I would work my way down and finger my pussy.  I couldn’t believe how wet I got. I thought about him all the time, especially about that cock I saw outlined in his jeans.

After several weeks I decided to make my move.

I invited him inside for a cool drink and then went behind him and started rubbing his shoulders, I could tell he was nervous, but I could also see his cock was stirring.  I went for it and slipped my hand down his pants, gripped that cock and started stroking. My pussy was just dripping and aching for that dick.  My dress dropped to the floor and  I let him suck and squeeze my big tits.  Nipples were so hard in his mouth. I needed to taste him, I put that cock in my mouth and sucked until he was rock hard. I climbed onto that dick and slipped it into my wet cunt. We fucked hard and long.  I let him come inside me, he filled me up. I sent him home and reveled in my success. We fucked the rest of the summer!

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