Foursome rape fantasy! Force fucked in my own home!

Foursome rape fantasy! Force fucked in my own home! It was late in the afternoon and I was taking a shower. My boyfriend was at work and I was home all alone. I live in the country with very few houses around me. Usually, I feel safe… Until now. As I was shutting off the water to my steamy shower I heard glass shattering. Still… I did not think much of it. So I thought maybe that it was my dog getting into something. I wrapped my towel around me to go see what all the commotion was.

As I stepped out of my bathroom I was grabbed by three men. Ripping my damp towel from my dripping wet body. I had no time to react. They used the towel to cover my mouth so I could not scream. As if that would do me any good living in the middle of nowhere. I could feel one on each hand holding me down. That is when I heard the zipper. Suddenly I was ripped open by a massive cock. His friends cheering him on to rape me. Soon as one was done another would take his place.

Foursome rape fantasy! Force fucked in my own home!

This went on for what felt like forever. They each took at least two turns. Filling me full of cum. My pussy hurt so bad like it was on fire. So Every time I had to move it made me wince from the pain. When they were done… One of them punched me in the face so hard that it knocked me unconscious. When I came to My whole body ached. I could not only see but feel the mass amount of cum leaking out of me. I looked in the mirror to see a huge black eye staring back at me.

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