Foreplay is The Most Essential Part of any Sexual Encounter

Foreplay is The Most Essential Part of any Sexual Encounter for me. I love sex but I need to get the juices flowing before I have it. Kissing is definitely a great start to foreplay. I love kissing especially with tongue, not too sloppy though. Also, I like sensual kissing with a little sucking of my tongue and licking of my lips. Kissing my neck is a must it totally turns me on.

I can already feel my panties starting to get very moist. Then working your way down to my supple breasts, I love them caressed and squeezed and nibbled on gently. Kissing my stomach and sides working your way down to my now throbbing wet pussy. Kiss the insides of my inner thigh, teasing me with your tongue. Now remove those moist panties and slide that tongue all over my tight wet pussy in and out paying special attention to my clit. My pussy is getting so wet and ready for the big hard cock. But first, take those fingers and insert them, a little deeper now, Oh yes.

I sometimes like to watch Porn For Ladies with passionate sex scenes to get me in the mood while he caresses my whole body.

Move your fingers around teasing me so bad. As your fingers are still in my tight wet pussy I am going to lean over and put that big hard cock in my mouth and start sucking it. I love sucking cock so much it makes my tight pussy turn into a faucet. You can feel your hand getting wetter and wetter. Ok, foreplay is over, turn me over and fuck the shit out of me. Don’t stop fucking me until neither of us can walk or talk.

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