We Wanted To Help Get Her Out Of Her Shell

When most people would think of forced sex , they would think something bad and not pleasurable. But I can assure you, there is much pleasure to be had in some such situations. This group of my friends, they are lesbians, they met this new girl that was a bit shy. But they felt they would be able to bring her out of her shell and experience true pleasure for the first time. She wasn’t going along willingly, so they knew they’d have to take things to the next level. And they wondered if I might help them. I had not known this group long, they seemed nice enough. But I wasn’t sure about this, but they told me it would be fun for all involved, so I agreed.

We Peeled Her Clothes Off Before She Knew What Was Happening

We met at one of the girls homes for drinks. And we were supposed to be going out to dinner afterwards, or so the new girl thought. We doubled up on the drinks, and there were no dinner plans, but there were some  forced sex seduction plans afoot. One of the girls leaned over to kiss her an she was still quite shy. But we assured her it was alright to let go, so she let herself get kissed. The rest of us slowly peeled her clothes off before she knew what was happening.

I Sucked On Her Perfect Nipples

Very quickly she was not only being kissed on the mouth. But on the nipples and between the legs as well, and she struggled a bit at first. But when that wetness in her pussy started to flow from that tongue on her clit. She relaxed a bit and gave into it. There was no point in continuing to struggle. I sucked on her nipples, which were growing very erect and hard. I toyed with her other one while I sucked on the one closest to me. And I looked down and saw her glistening pussy as she was being licked.

She Was Getting Into The Fun

She was soon breathing very hard, and the friend licking her clit soon inserted two fingers into her. And was moving them in and out of her as she continued to flicker her tongue all over her clit. I could see her writhing with pleasure as she gave in to the sensations. She soon placed one of her hands on the back of the head of the girl that was eating her out. Directing her to just the right spot. She loved the way it felt, as she was moaning her approval. And she wasn’t acting that shy anymore. This was not rough sex. But it was sensual .

She Was Cumming Very Hard

I reached down and began to finger my own pussy as I continued to suck on her nipples. And the other girls were masturbating as well, it was kind of descending into a lesbian orgy of sorts. Everyone was so excited for getting this girl to experience the pleasures she’d at first not so easily given into. She bucked her hips a few times and then cried out, cumming in a gush on the girls face that was between her legs. She then relaxed and giggled a bit before looking a bit embarrassed again. But we assured her there could be much more pleasure to come, and she liked the idea.

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