Forced Sex- Slutty Girl Likes Getting Forced Fucked In An Alley

Forced Sex Part I. It’s a cold brisk night and I want nothing more than to get home to phonesex with my fiance who is currently overseas. I decide to take the shortcut through the back alley to my house. As I am walking past my neighbor’s house I hear a rustling behind me. Startled I quickly turn around and see a big hooded man walking towards me. He is about 4 houses down. I pick up the pace in my strides and so does he. Turning back around I make a sprint for my house while frantically searching for my house keys. I force myself to look behind me again, but as I’m turning my head I feel a hand come from behind me and cover my face.

Instinctively I bite down on his hand hard enough to draw blood, but it only makes his grip around my face firmer blocking my air supply.  His other hand is around my waist as he picks me up. I try to yell but my screams are muffled by his hand. I feel his lips graze my ear as he says “Bite me again and I will bust a nut in you bitch, shit only turns me on more”. His blood in my mouth and harsh words cause my pussy to get wet.

I feel disgusted to be turned on but I can’t help it.

I’ve never been a fan of Public Sex.

He pushes me on to a brick wall

I put my hands out to prevent my face from being scratched by the brick. I can feel his hard cock pressing against my ass. “Now Bitch lift your skirt and lower your fucking panties”. I am crying as I do what he says. “I’m going to remove my hand from your mouth, don’t make a fucking sound or Ima kill you slut. Nod yes if you understand?” I have accepted this situation and decide I have a better chance of surviving if I just play along. He slowly releases my mouth testing my reaction. Satisfied he places my hands on the brick wall.

I feel the cold breeze on anus as he spreads my ass apart. His hands go lower and he lets out a hiss. “You fucking love this you whore. Your pussy is so wet” He says as he is roughly inspecting my pussy. With his knees, he spreads my legs further apart and then I start to feel his hand guiding his cock into my pussy.

Come back  11/20/2017 for Forced Sex Part II

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