Public Sex-She gets Gang Banged on the F Train Part I

Public Sex

It’s 2 am on the F train. I am reading Dirty Sex Stories on my kindle. We are the only passengers. You are tall handsome and Irish with a muscular build.  I’m sitting right across from you biting my lip blatantly staring. You’ve been asleep since I boarded 5 minutes ago, and I am tempted to wake you up.

With my mind made up, I undo a few buttons on my shirt, Spread my legs and lastly close my eyes. I let out a soft moan, I peak under my eyelash you stirred but not enough to wake you up. I moan louder biting my lip squirming in my chair. So I pretend to have an erotic dream. Then I wait till the train jolts and pretend to suddenly awaken. I pretend to compose myself and find your string at me amused. So I look down and can see your stiff cock straining against your jeans. I only have a few stops left until my stop.

Enough with the games I, I really want to have public sex with a stranger. I get up and make my way over to you. Once I am directly in front of you I open my blouse and expose my big pretty tits. Your eyes take on a feral hungry look as you grab me by the waist and pull me closer to you, immediately latching on to my nipple

I hike up my dress as you unzip and unleash your cock.

Facing away from you, I sit on your big hard cock and you immediately slip into my wet pussy. I start riding you aggressively already feeling my orgasm building. The combination of Public Sex with a stranger has me very aroused. We are at my stop with your cock deep inside me there’s no way I can get off. To make matters worse a group of men board our train, they are eyeing my nakedness with a hungry expression in their eyes.

To be continued…..

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