This loser cop was asking for a little forced sex!

Many would say that forced sex does not work for men, due to the inability to achieve an erection if there is disinterest. I disagree. Especially if I use my thick steel dildo. I thought about fucking his pathetic little ass with a tire iron, but that wouldn’t be thick enough. He had pulled me over and told me that I was going a measly 7 miles over. I have been pulled over about 5 times, and only this once, did I get ticketed. Only forced sex could give this piece of work a bit of perspective.

He asked me where I lived and I was 100 feet away from my house, so I pointed. Then, he wrote me a ticket for 200 bucks and gave me some sass. I pulled out the tears to make him feel like shit. He looked sympathetic but stuck to his decision. Prick. How Dare He. I looked him up and found out where he lived. I had a wonderful biochemist friend of mine who made me a milk jug of chloroform. This is why you should be a decent human being, watch who you fuck with, and try not to ruin someone’s day.

I tied him to my bench with his ass in the air. And he was a cop, so I made sure that he was SECURE. Bitch wasn’t going anywhere, for a while. I had this huge stainless steel dildo that I ordered online a while ago that was just perfect for the job. I set up a camera on a tripod and zoomed into his asshole.

Then, I stood in front of his face and asked him if he knew why he was there, in the same tone he used when he asked me if I knew why he pulled me over.

He started to beg and I just laughed. Pussy. The rough sex hadn’t even begun yet. All that ego and of course he was just an insecure little piggy on the inside. I let him watch me dip my steel dildo into a container of Vasaline. Then I pressed it against the opening of his asshole and just relished in the pure satisfaction of watching him struggle. Finally, I plunged it in and he let out a hilarious inhuman sound of shock and pain.

After raping him with it for about 30 minutes, I took a riding crop off of the shelf.

Moving the camera in front of him, I played the video of him crying during forced sex, while I beat him until my frustration ceased. It was almost morning. I drugged him again and my rather large friend helped me clothe him and drag his body into an alley, where we left him. Lesson learned. Cute little girls don’t get tickets because we’re sadistic. Want more fetish phonesex? Read some more blogs of mine!

Looking for some humiliation phonesex? I’m your girl!

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