I met a guy that was down for a little bit of rough sex on this online site.

I agreed to give him his rough sex for about 400$ an hour. Little did I know, that I would have so much fun with my extreme bdsm sex stories. He told me that he was a masochist and we discussed his limits, which were slim to none. Broken bones were his limits. I decided to test how far this guy would actually go for me. I tied his arms and legs apart on the bed.

It must’ve been quite the sight! My cute little blonde hair and my short little 90-pound body standing over him. I wondered if he underestimated me because I looked so cute and innocent. How could a sweet little girl like me ever torture somebody? I immediately grabbed the matchbox from the nightstand and asked if he was afraid that I might set him on fire. He looked at me and said yes.

Sitting by his bound body on the bed, I lit a match and held it close to his balls. With my eyes on his, I blew it out and pressed it into his balls. I did this several more times until his balls were covered in little red and black dots. He was a tough one to crack and I wanted to break him. I wanted him to leave my house in tears, with not an ounce of pride. I went into the bathroom where I kept my sewing kit.

Dousing a couple tools in alcohol, I came back with my hands full of tools.

I pulled out one needle and held it under the flame until it stung my fingers. Then I grabbed him by the cock and pressed the needle through the very tip of his cock. Right through one side, through the hole, and out the other side. Blood and cum leaked out. He was trying to hold in a reaction, but I knew that the pain was getting to him. I took several other needles and pressed them into gathered bits of his ballsack-skin. I left them all in, and he came over the needle that was through the tip of his dick. Red and white hit his belly.

Lastly, to make him fucking remember me, I pulled out my exacto knife and traced his nipples. I pressed until he had little bloody rings around his nipples. Then, on the right side of his chest, I carved my name. Tears welled up in his eyes, and I told him that I hoped it would scar. I made him get dressed, pay me 400$ and leave. I kissed his cheek as he opened the door and told him to think of me often and the rough sex that I gave him. Do you like my sex therapy? Read some more of my work!

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